9 thoughts on “Phrase of the Day”

  1. Your “Phrase of the Day” reminded me of this, shamelessly stolen from Samizdata.net as they seem to complement each other.

    “A person has only so much time allotted to him, and I hate to waste it reading tripe. I suppose that’s why I rarely listen to politicians’ speeches – why waste time that could be better spent scratching my ass?”

  2. You really should have mentioned SnArl as the origional poster of that comment.

  3. I’m em-bare-assed to admit I need a little blue bill for this ailment. McCain just doesn’t get me aroused like Fred Thompson did. Maybe someone will come along to excite me to vote in the erection four years from now? Think I’ll turtle up and hide til then.

  4. I hear one of the side effects of this is an election that can last 4 years.

    Under regular circumstances, I would like that side effect, but this time, I think I’m going to be raw.

  5. i apparently have this affliction…is there a cure? (just don’t tell me it’s obama!)

  6. i’m no fan of obama but its good to see “queen hillary” getting her arse whupped. however it runs i won’t be voting for a democrat. (and if they try to vote me postmortem i’ll come up the handle of the shovel fighting!)

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