20 thoughts on “WANT!”

  1. That is neat… kinda seems like a security risk thing though. Robbers walk into a bank looking all casual and suddenly they have SMGs(or at least pistols with buttstock that look like SMGs).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was outlawed… but hey, it also looks neat for the intended purpose, low profile defensive firepower.

  2. ……

    *whimper* Can I have one?

    “Oh baby, whip me, beat me, take me full auto.”

    ….. I think I just had a gungasm.

  3. Nifty concept, but I gotta wonder how that folding structure would stand up to actual use.

  4. PS: “neater than kitten toes?” How neat are kitten toes, anyway?

  5. Add me to the list of droolers. I know the BATF is not just gonna say no, but hell f**k no to allowing us peons to have one of those!

  6. Swizzy.

    A range of colours to match one’s apparel would be good, too.

  7. Mattexian-

    Usually when people tell me I can’t have something it just makes me work that much harder to get it….

    Doesn’t always work that way in the case of the law, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

  8. Truly that is an astonishing piece of machinery. I could use one of those things.

  9. Other than full auto, which is optional, the only real obstacle I see to something like that is the rules regarding overall length. You’d have to pay the SBR fee, but that’s really not a dealbreaker. Basically it’s a Kel-Tec SUB2000 on a diet.



  10. If it can’t be fired without fully opening (like the Kel-Tec), then it probably wouldn’t be a problem, so long as you registered it as a Short Barreled Rifle. I note that the pistol grip folds when not in use.

    I would be shocked if the stock didn’t hold up sufficiently. It’s only a 9mm, after all, and the metal stock is certainly more support than one gets with the polymer frame that a G17 has. Should be a stable carbine, easy to make good hits with.

    Now, to REALLY get my attention, make it with a Glock 20 (10mm).

  11. Take that, Megatron!

    The system really only makes sense with an autosear. Otherwise it’s just a really bulky pistol.

    That said, I’d pay $200 for a stamp for one. Too bad the FOPA ’86 means that I can’t buy one.

  12. I dunno…neater than kitten toes??? That’s pretty hard stuff to beat, but this might, maybe do it.

  13. YES! Gimmee, Gimmee! Inner child must have!

    In my second childhood I get to have the good toys.

  14. So, who besides me is terrified of that guy’s notion of “muzzle integrity”?

  15. Okay, now that is downright neat!

    Concealed carry takes on a whole new meaning. And I beat one of your “critters” would be just a tad suprised to find out that the “victim” with the flashlight is actually armed with a rather nice weapon. heh

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