Well, hello.

Drove down to the Metroplex yesterday to meet up with JPG, Holly and Peter for some gunny goodness. Walked into the house fashionably late, but early enough to be introduced to Phlegmfatale.

Ladies and gentlemen, Phlemmy is every bit as sweet and enchanting in person as she is on her blog.

To my further astonishment, I learned that La Phlegm has never, ever been to a gun show. That oversight has now been corrected.

Of course, everyone knows that it is Bad Juju to leave your first ever gun show without buying anything, so a holster and a proper belt were acquired.

On a side note, both local and cyber folks have been foreseeing a rush on Evil Black Rifles in regards to the upcoming National election.


I walked all around that show with Peter’s Evil Black Assault Rifle over my shoulder and came up with less than a paw-full of inquiries regarding my willingness to sell and price. And I’m relatively sure that at least half of the inquiries weren’t really serious.

Let’s face it, folks — if nobody’s interested in a never-fired Russian VEPR in .223 with six unused 40- round magazines being sold by a gentlemen with a charming South African accent — it would seem that no one’s really worried about The End Of The World As We Know It.


Hell, I would have bet even money that 15 seconds after a snitch heard the words “Russian”, “Assault” and “Rifle” in one of them furrin’ accents, we’d’ve been at the bottom of an ATF scrum.


ATF must be slacking off.

Anyhoo, much discussion was had, much good food consumed and a generally Good Time was had by all.


"She was doing everything she was supposed to do to stay alive"

16 thoughts on “Well, hello.”

  1. By now, anyone with the interest and money HAS a black rifle. Or a dozen of ’em, in some cases.

    I’m investing in precious metals now instead- Copper jacketed Lead, primarily.

  2. Anon beat me to it: everybody already has a EBAR, if’n they want one. Me, not so much. I’ve seen folks at a gun show selling like you, and they had a cute little flag pokin’ out of the barrel, with “4 Sale, $$$” scribbled out.

  3. LOL- Glad you had fun and got ot meet new folks! Peresonally, I think the LWL’s are just trying to start even more trouble, and the mainstream media is just along for the ride…

  4. The whole day was SUCH a hoot, LawDog, and it was a privilege to meet your esteemed self and hear your delightful stories in person.

    I looked through my handbag today and was amazed to find I didn’t manage to spend all the money I brought to the gun show, but that was not for lack of trying. I vow to do better next time!

  5. Ah yes, the EBR. I gotta get me one of them but soon… right after the apprenticeship is finished… and the house is moved into… Ah jeez.

    Hey, anybody got an opinion on LMTs new Gas Piston models?

  6. stray-arc,
    I saw a really neat gas piston conversion system at SHOT Show. Converts a regular top end to piston set-up. Parts go inside the standard hand-guards. I think it will retail about $299. Looks like 100% reliability factor, also. They had a video running that showed a full-auto glowing in the dark from so much ammo. Think they ran 25,000 rounds through it. Unfortunately, some of my handouts ended up at a location I can’t access for a while, and I can’t recall the company name. Bummer.

  7. I was at the show as well. A different vibe this time. Didn’t seem to be nearly as much buying as I have seen in the past. Most interestingly, there was only one vendor selling components, and even he was out of .451 230 gr ball by 1030.

  8. Wish I’d known earlier. We have a daughter in Dallas (college) and she would love to meet you.

    And she would have double-loved meeting at a gun show…

  9. Well, my local shop here in the PRM is sold out of AR lowers, and can’t get enough to get stock up again.

    That may just be tax season in action though.


  10. I am so excited that you introduced Phlegmmy to the better things in life! You go LawDog!

  11. kvegas – I’m betting half the gunny chicks on the net are super-jealous of me now that I’ve met LawDog. He is the coolest guy!

  12. Heh. At the Gun Thing meet in Austin this weekend, Mr. Dog was probably the most frequently mentioned non-attending pro-gun blogger outside of Kim & Chris. JPG, Holly, Peter, & Phlegmfatale have me & a few others green with envy right now. ;-D

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