Public Service Announcement

I thought that this was common knowledge, but apparently I was mistaken. Ah, well.

Folks, if you can find Coca-Cola that’s been made in Mexico that particular bottle of Coke has been made with real sugar instead of corn syrup.

In other words, if you fondly remember the taste of pre-1985 Coca-Cola, go to your local Mexican grocery and find the Coke marked, “Hecho en Mexico”.


I thought everyone knew this.

Also, if you’re up north of the Mason-Dixon line where you might be a touch shy of decent mercados, Coke will bottle properly-made sodas for Passover. Look for the yellow capped bottles in April.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog reading.


Oy ...
But, but, but ... they're greedy!

36 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. Heck, I solved that problem shortly after moving back to the US from Spain in 1987…I stopped drinking Coke.

  2. Off subject, but I figured you would comment on the passing of Charlton Heston. Unless he did something to raise the ire of gunnies. I’m new here, so I don’t know.

  3. Pretty much any soda bottled outside the USA is still made with real sugar.

    One of the things I miss from Europe is actual sugar in soft drinks.

    One thing I don’t miss is the three Euro price of a soda at a restaurant (which doesn’t have so much to do with the price of sugar as it does to the conversion to the Euro).

  4. You can get the Mexican Coke at Walmart ’round here.

    Now for fun, lets look at WHY you can’t get soda made with real sugar in the US … yep, more goberment fiddlin’ with the free market; Sugar Subsidies.

  5. Real Texas Dr. Pepper.
    Jones Soda

    both have real sugar. The taste is lightyears better than corn syrup.

  6. Fairly certain that if you can find a kosher store they’ve got real sugar coke.

    I started drinking it in NZ and had to quit when I got back here b/c it’s nasty w/ HFCS.

    and zundfolge: thought it had more to do w/ corn lobbying than sugar, but I could have that wrong.

  7. Up in the Pacific NW, you can find it in Costco. Now, I was kinda wondering about something…with this recent movement of using so much corn for alternative fuels, will we see a movement away from HFCS and back to sugar? If so, I’m all for it…

  8. Being one of those up north of the Mason-Dixon line thanks for letting me know about the passover cokes =D

  9. And if you’re far enough north of the Mason-Dixon line, Canadian Coke is still made with real sugar. 🙂

  10. Contrary to popular belief, “north of the Mason Dixon” has plenty of Mexican communities with authentic stores where such things can be found. 😉

  11. Up in Clearewater there’s a made over 7-11 store across from my gunshop of record that sells Mexico coke. In the same parking lot is a trailer where a Jamacan cooks and sells some serios ‘q – ribs, sausage, chicken, and beans as well. No I ain’t telling where.

  12. Over here in East TN, I picked up a couple of them at my Kroger grocery store in the Hispanic section probably a couple months ago. They were flagged as “New Item” so they’d just started carrying them.

    The only downfall – the things are about $2 for one glass bottle.

    It’s worth it though. It’s real Coke.

  13. Don’t care about sugar in Coke, but where do you find Rotel when you’re not in the southwest?

  14. I believe the sugar tarriffs were originally created in order to “protect” american sugar producers from cheap imported sugar. Exactly how many domestic sugar companies are now producing sugar?

    Worked real well.

  15. Up here Wally World has Rotel. Lots of ex-pats driving the market.

  16. Back in the mid-80s when I was in Iowa, I was able to do a taste test on the local RC. The cans were from a different distributer than the bottles and one said suger while the other was sugar OR HFCS. If you drank them side by side you could definitely tell the difference and the sugar was much better.

    It’s also healthier, or at least less unhealthy than corn syrup. Something about how you metabolize fructose vs. glucose.

  17. We had a feral hog here, a pet of some of the farmers north of town. He was a Coke-a-holic. When Coke changed to ‘new coke’ (which was nasty), he refused to drink it. Not only that, he refused to drink anything else and then started not eating. He lost about 50 pounds in the first couple of months of this siege. Then we found that RC cola was acceptible, although he wouldn’t chase us for it. Unfortunately, nowadays, even RC doesn’t taste like it once did. Nothing in metal or plastic tastes as good as it does in glass, sugar and corn syrup notwithstanding.
    And while we’re on that, what’s with bottling mayonnaise in plastic? This is a none-good thing.

  18. I remain convinced that the whole ‘New Coke/Coke Classic’ thing was a diversionary ploy by Coca Cola. Some bean counter did the math on cane sugar vs. HFCS. Marketing was called in, and the rest is history.

    I’m not one to wholesale corporation bash, but DANCE WITH THE ONE WHO BRUNG YA. Ship the cheap stuff and keep the good stuff for ‘the home team’.

  19. Back in the day (won’t say when, but Coke was a nickel out of a machine and for 2 bits you could play 6 songs on the juke box) all soft drinks tasted better. Our family preferred Pepsi and to this day Coke tastes too sweet to me. Anyhow, IMO, nothing has tasted the same since the cork lining and metal cap disappeared.
    Same goes for malts (not shakes, but real malts). They haven’t tasted the same since the day of paper straws and wax coated cups. Then again, Carnation was bought by Nestle, so whatta ya gonna do? The more things change…the more things change.

  20. Last post was mine (23). Still trying to figure out how to use this blog. Guess it doesn’t matter if I don’t plan to publish, but, yes that silliness was mine.

  21. Nope, a little known fact. But a damn good thing, for those of us who remember what Coke tasted like before they fucked it up with corn syrup…

  22. My local range stocks them in the walk-in cooler by the register. He goes to Sam’s Club and buys a couple of cases at a stretch. Sometimes membership in Walton’s world really does have privileges.

  23. The comment about Carnation being bought out by Nestle reminded me of something I learned as a kid. (About 60 s0me years ago) It goes like this:
    “Carnation milk, the finest in the land, Comes to you in a red and white can, No tits to pull, no shit to pitch, just punch a hole in the son-of-a-bitch”.
    ‘Twas off topic but I couldn’t resist. BTW I don’t drink ANY of that crap called soda so couldn’t give an honest opinion.

  24. “Our family preferred Pepsi and to this day Coke tastes too sweet to me.”

    I’ve always thought Pepsi tasted too sweet… ? Well, strange world.

  25. Now that we are subsidizing Iowa with the stupid Ethanol bill, can we get rid of the sugar tariff?

    Not only does corn syrup taste horrible, but it is, in my belief, the main cause of both our obesity problem, and our so called ADD problem. I will be the first to admit being wrong if anyone can prove corn syrup is healthier.

  26. Somewhere I saw someone pointing out that obesity only really started being a problem in this country shortly after the use of corn syrup became widespread.

    I think it was in Consumer Reports that they looked at the Coke vs. Pepsi taste issue, and the final word was that in Pepsi the predominant taste after the cola was lemon/lime, and in Coke it was vanilla. So if you prefer citrus, you’ll probably prefer Pepsi, if not, you’re probably a Coke drinker.

    They didn’t look at RC, but I personally think it’s somewhere inbetween.

  27. You can get it in Canada as well. Its a beautiful thing. I’ve found that by buying “organic” stuff lately you can bypass the corn syrup as well. I hadn’t thought about ckoe though, thanks for the idea.

  28. I knew someone would disagree. My wife says the same thing. Actually, I think it may be a fizz thing; to me Coke is flatter and more syruppy (makin’ up words as I go). But if we all liked the same things, what kind of a world would it be?

  29. I’m just wondering how many DEA flags popped up with all the comments here about the Mexican Coke being better…..

    …. and LawDog wonders why he always must wait for his background check!

  30. LOL! @ chris in se Texas.
    The Dog has to wait on his background checks because he’s foreign-born, has the son of a former British ambassador and an African king for personal references,…..and has a mom who is inclined not suffer fools gladly.
    All of which, of course, are highly suspicious to the Spooks At Large.

  31. Well, living about 5 minutes from Dublin, I just avoid the issue altogether by not drinking that nasty stuff.

    It did take me a while to learn which machines in Stephenville still give Dublin Dr Pepper, and which fast food places have it on the fountain, but I can pretty much avoid all of the Karo-Colas.

    Glass bottles make more of a difference when you’re getting it straight off the bottling line. If it hasn’t changed in the last couple of years, there’s also a shop in Hico where you can still get it hand-mixed at the counter.

  32. For interesting reading on the health effects of high-fructose “make you fat quick” syrup, Google for the website Corn Fed America by Dr. Mike Magee or the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

    Sorry the whole link thing confuses me and sometimes ignorance is preferable.

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