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You have been chasing a critter through multiple back-yards. He is half your age and not encumbered by the forty pounds of bat-belt and armour required by Modern Policing; therefore he is actually picking up speed as he antelopes over fence after fence after fence.

As you are leaning against a tree, wheezing and swearing that you’re going to start going to the gym tomorrow, he clears the next-to-last fence — to the sudden joyous baritone barking that can only come from the throat of a dog the size of a tyrannosaurus rex.

This is techically referred to as “Canis Interruptus”, and it tends to engender a warm-and-fuzzy feeling in your chest and a jaunty whistle to your lips as you stroll happily down the alley to the heartrending sounds of shrieking, tearing, crashing and general doggy mayhem.

This has been your LawDog Phrase of the Day.


Cigars for everyone!
We Interrupt ...

26 thoughts on “Phrase of the Day”

  1. Canis Interuptus may be just as effective as the “other” interuptus in preventing a critter from passing down his crittery genome. I suppose it all depends on the proclivities of the pooch involved. 🙂

  2. I could only hope to hear a critter utter the phrase “booger nuts” in that situation.

    These days it’s usually something a little more foul sounding; I’m sure.

  3. I am in the wrong business.

    I could work for months off of that little bit of career satisfaction.


  4. I’d like to take this moment to say….


    Now, I might suggest some prime candidates for the next scheduled feeding.

  5. L.D. If I ever, EVER meet you in person, you and I are gonna kill a bunch of fine cigars and a bottle of Lagavulin. This stuff is gold!

  6. lawdog,
    you want to pass that story along to a blogger who calls himself “whichendbites”, i don’t have the url saved but he’s listed in areatracenosearch’s blog list.

  7. I really hope you let the nice doggie play with his new found meat toy for a while.

  8. Love it. GOOD dog!!!! They get even faster when coked up too, glad the dogs can keep up b/c I sure can’t.

  9. Wow, I’m feeling warm fuzzies just reading that. Thanks for the smiles.

  10. Good dog. It’s always nice to see a dog playing with his new critter toy.

    Ky Person

  11. An excelent post even if though it fails to provide pictures. It is quite possible my imagination is better. Heh.

  12. Three things to comment on here….

    1. I’m glad I didn’t choke on my lunchtime sub – that will teach me to read LawDog with my mouth full.

    2. Good doggy!

    3. Please tell us if the critter in question managed to injure said good doggy in any way, shape, or form. If so, can these be added to his charges?

  13. Wow. Now I can, with my head cocked and in poor light, consider the Yard Wolves a minor public service.

  14. funny Story:

    Owner leaves her male (160lb)Great Dane asleep in the back of her austin Mini (the original “about the size of 1960’s cadillacs trunk” mini) and goes shopping.

    She returns to a crowd around her car, including bemused members of the local constabulary.

    A local freelance tax collecter has his hand on the car keys,and gently wrapped around his forearm and elbow joint is placid Great Danes’s mouth, and everytime his new chew toy tries to move the the arm the pressure increases dramatically, and a deep growl ensues.

    The constable kindly asked if she would be so kind as to ask the dog to let go, so they could take him into custody, as our critter had already explained in some detail how his arm happened to be inthe car and they wished to cuff him now.

    Apparently, the dog was convinced to let go.

  15. Ah LawDog, you bring back such fond memories…

    My best doggie memory involves an accelerating critter in the 400 yard cross-field dash from a fresh breakin at the community swimming pool. The field was freshly plowed and disked. There was no tree or post to support a wheezing and gasping pursuing officer. There was, however, a backyard fence which my high jumping critter cleared by at least a foot. His leap landed right on a sleeping Bert. Bert, a Rottweiler/Ridgeback cross, was the leader of the best pack of “Hog Dogs” in the county. Bert was awakened rudely and responded with the doggie equivalent of WTF? The rest of the pack immediately sang “Treed” and began to take their bites and holds. Bert was going for the kill when their owner came out and called them off. The critter spent a week in the hospital and had two subsequent surgeries to re-attach various loose appendages.
    He also pled guilty.
    The dog pack ate very well for quite a while after that.

  16. Jeff & Gunner

    Got the link, thanks.

    You just can’t beat the feeling.


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