They did what?!

Every once in a while, folks will gently chide me about my stories. I have been told that some of my scribbles stretch credulity a bit.


I tell you that my stories are no more than normal.

For instance, I have yet to run into anything like this.

In case that link collapses, it is to the story of three Houston teens who casually desecrated the ninety-year-old grave of a child so they could modify the skull into a bong and smoke their marijuana out of it.

A copy of the PC affidavit for the arrest may be found here.

Makes my critter tales seem down-right inspirational, doesn’t it?


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  1. That skull is the remains of someones child. What gives these creeps the right to dig up the grave of a small child, and to turn the skull into such a vile instrument? I know everyone who was immediately kin to the poor boy are now dead, but their grief at the loss of their own is not diminished by time or death. This is no different if they had dug up the grave of a child who had died two years ago.

    These kids deserve a few years in prison, after they have the tar canned out of their hides on the court yard steps, and have been fined thousands of dollars, in order to restore the grave into some proper order.

  2. First, because these are minors, the parents need to get their hides tanned, right before these little idiots. While parents might not be able to see or know everything their children do, I find it hard to believe that a caring, concerned, PARENT, wouldn’t at least have an inkling of what their kids were up to. (like most likely rampant drug use, or WHERE their kids were when they no doubt desecrated this grave) I mean, they most likely didn’t do it at NOON.

    Start taking parents to task and force them to be parents, then deal with the offspring that they chose not to educate as to the proper order of things.

    Had I done something this dumb, I would have begged the police to take me away, and keep my father from being able to get to me.

  3. ‘Dog,

    I live near Houston and this made the front page of the newspaper. These 3 little darlings are 17, homeschooled (no, I’m not saying anything against homeschooled kids) and live out in the bosky north of Houston.

    The police are still trying to figure out if they really did what they say they did. The graveyard is terribly overgrown, flooded out from recent rains and, basically, it’s real hard to tell what was done and where.

    That said, these little darlings are looking at jail time if I remember the story correctly.

    It’s just disgusting what some kids think is funny.

  4. I’ve always thought poisoning drugs would work nicely, but I’m told people aren’t rats.

  5. Wow.

    I’m feeling a tad bit old now. 18 years ago (when he was 16) my older brother got sentenced by our da to 4 weekends of graveside gardening for spitting on a tombstome. My mind simply shuts down and begins to gibber at the creative tortures that would have been given out for something this heinous.

    Hades. I think both my brother and I would have thrown ourselves on the mercey of the court and begged for jailtime rather then face da. How have things gotten so bad so fast?

  6. These little pricks live in Humble Texas which is about 8 miles from me in Kingwood. Everything within 100 miles is called Houston though. I was a military cop for 21 years and a city cop for 1 year, but this is the damdest thing I have ever heard of.

  7. I lived in Humble for about a year when I was in middle school (Atascocita, represent!), and while it was a lily-white suburb. most of the kids I went to school with were absolute pieces of shite. Amoral, narcissistic, and pretty much devoid of any sort of empathy.

    I wish I could say I was surprised.

  8. Uhh…

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

    I really wanted to comment on this, and when I started typing I realized that I just don’t have any words.

    I smoked pot when I was younger (about these kids’ ages), and understand the fixation on making a bong out of damn-near anything.

    Notice I said damn-near. There were a few things that never really crossed our minds, and would have been out of the question.

    This would have fallen into that category.


  9. You can’t make up the behavior of psychopathic individuals, normal people just won’t believe it.

    Those of us who deal with it everyday know it exists.

  10. OMG..really? Y’all feel that strongly about it? I mean, y’all are putting this crime on the same level and class of a mass murderer. People make me laugh sometimes.

  11. In a more perfect world, they’d have dug that skull out of permafrost, and the child would have died in 1918…

    …of the flu.

  12. I have never understood, even when I was a child, why destructive and disrespectful behavior was ‘fun.’
    However, the reason many parents don’t just beat the tar out of kids these days is 1)neither the parents nor the schools have taught the kids respect for anything. The main thrust from parents nowadays seems to be to excuse the kids from what they’ve done. It’s a get-by-with-it attitude, not that it’s wrong.
    This attitude is furthered by the fact that the CPS will be down on you in a trice if you even spank your child and are reported. Kids can report you, and they can even sue their parents.
    I’m not saying kids aren’t mistreated: some are, and it’s dreadful. I am saying that the law and such has shifted away from parents and teachers i.e. adult authority figures’ right to discipline, and now enables the kid to do pretty much as he pleases.
    Graveyards are constantly desecrated by kids. They have no respect for the people that are there, nor for their relatives. It gives me a very bad feeling when something like this happens. I hope the little bastards are severely punished, but I doubt they will be. I personally would shave all their skulls down to nothing, and parade them through town in white shifts with shovels in their hands and a sign around their necks with something appropriate on it.
    After I’d beaten them to a fare-thee-well.
    BUT, this type of action would probably turn them into heroes among their peers.
    The law in Texas forbids such desecrations but is rarely enforced-as was the case of an ADULT farmer near where we live, who bought a piece of land that happened to have an old Mennonite graveyard in one corner of it. Well aware of the law, he plowed it. Nothing was done.
    So (mother of six) what are you going to do when one of your kids bakes a living puppy in your oven or digs up a grave and uses the dead ribs for drumsticks? Slap his hands and say “Naughty-naughty”?

  13. Kelly(Mom of 6) said…
    OMG..really? Y’all feel that strongly about it? I mean, y’all are putting this crime on the same level and class of a mass murderer. People make me laugh sometimes.

    You won’t be laughing when your kids put you in the worst geriatric home imaginable and forget about you as “thanks” for your now all too common brand of parenting.

  14. “I mean, y’all are putting this crime on the same level and class of a mass murderer.”

    Well, not quite that low, but if the shoe fits…

    If there be a unifying factor amidst those who’ve posted here, it’s a very high standard when it comes to respect coupled with a very low tolerance when said respect is trampled upon. I can think of only a handful of things more vile than the desecration of one’s corpse. Having found the body of the devil himself I would let it lie, knowing that his debt has been paid.

    Me? Dead or alive, if it is my daughter who’s body is disturbed then the disturber would do well to kill me first.


  15. Actually, that “all too common” brand of parenting is breeding a generation of narcissistic, self-absorbed twits with overdeveloped senses of entitlement. THAT is more likely to be the reason they’ll slap your overindulgent butt into a crappity nursing home and forget about you.

    “But Maaaaa — I can’t get my new iPod nanogigomega, take my vacation to Hedonism in the Bahamas, AND take care of you. Here’s your Alpo.”

    Because that “all too common” brand of parenting involves being your child’s friend, rather than a parent, and excusing their dreadful behavior, rather than addressing it during their formative years. After all, their self-esteem is o-so-more important than anything else.

  16. “OMG..really? Y’all feel that strongly about it? I mean, y’all are putting this crime on the same level and class of a mass murderer. People make me laugh sometimes.”

    Not on the same level, but it’s close. Anyone that would have that little respect for remains probably doesn’t have much respect for the living either.

  17. (Growls)

    Stupid blogger..posted a long reply and it ate it…

    Basically, these twits just tossed out they had done this. Deputy didn’t even ask because it wasn’t what they were stopped about in the first place.

    The LEOs didn’t think they were serious but checked it out and sure enough, they weren’t lying.

    Hope they get to enjoy the TDC’s fine facilities for a bit.

  18. It would only be karmic fairness and justice if all three caught something fatal from the bones…like a flesh-eating bacteria that started at the lips or tongue.

    Not the 1918 flu, that would be too dangerous for the rest of us,Matt G. That could spread.

    Just something personal and truly horrifying.

    Doug in Colorado

  19. Having faced the loss of two of my kids, yeah, those bastards should be caned and stuck in the stocks for a week.
    And for those inclined, we are are coming up on Memorial Day, our Vets graves could use a little protection from the scum. Some disgusting vandalism happened last year.

  20. All I’m saying is there is a “mob mentality” going on here. These guys did not rape, kill, murder this child..and those things happen every single day. Why don’t we save our ire for those people. I’m talking perspective here, folks.

  21. “Mob mentality” because we’re outraged at the desecration of a corpse? It is you, child, that needs to find some “perspective”. Perhaps also investigate ’empathy’.

  22. Outrage is one thing…but listen to yourselves.

    “So (mother of six) what are you going to do when one of your kids bakes a living puppy in your oven or digs up a grave and uses the dead ribs for drumsticks? Slap his hands and say “Naughty-naughty”?”

    WHEN presupposes and predicts that it is GOING to happen. Something wrong with that mentality right there. You don’t know me or my of whom happens to be serving in Iraq as I type this…

    That mentality right there is what is wrong with our kids. You’re damn right it was the parents fault and all that jazz. But beating the child when you’ve failed to parent him in the first place…is not going to correct the problem.

    And, not one person has spoke about the fact that if these kids hadn’t come forward…nobody would even know this happened. Where’s the credit for their coming forward, for having a conscience?

    Perspective. And I do have empathy. Who are we empathizing with here? What relative got hurt by this? Who got hurt by this?

  23. Mom of 6,

    First of all, thank your child for serving his/her country.

    However, I do not understand your lack of concern. These ‘children’ did not come forward, they got busted by the cops and THEN confessed.

    Are you saying that it’s okay to descrate a corpse because there is no one left in that family to express disgust or outrage? If it was one of your children or one of your family members would you be so unconcerned?

    Who are we empathizing with here? What relative got hurt by this? Who got hurt by this?

    Society in general. Certain things just aren’t done in society and when they do happen and are allowed to go by unchecked, that is just one more step in the coarsening of society.

    Amy in Texas

  24. Amy in Texas…

    Thank you for expressing your comment to me in a dignified way. I do appreciate the respect.

    First I stand corrected. Perhaps the motive there was to deflect from the original charges, which they probably thought were far more serious.

    Accordingly,no I do not say this is ok. It is unequivocably NOT ok. It’s not ok at all.

    If it was a family member of mine..that was desecrated..a dead one…I don’t think that would bother me. Maybe that makes me a freak, but the person is dead..the body is a shell.

    If one of my children did that to a body, that would be a different story..but my children are not so crass…because they and their upbringing are my priority…in all ways. I’m the nosiest mother alive. And, not to say that they are perfect, but let’s just say I’m never surprised by any of their antics. I pay attention..

    My whole point was the …outrage…expressed here was along the same lines as would be appropriate for child abusers, and child molesters…children whom I come into contact every single day…as just a mom…shouldn’t we reserve our energy for those people and save all the lynch mob..poisoning..beating…kind of attitude for those that are hurting the living, one, and children, two.

    Why is nobody outraged that these kids had so little adult supervision in their lives that they were able to carry this out?

    I mean…where were the rest of these kids family. What I see here is a TOTAL breakdown of society…and to solely just call for the heads of a couple of stupid kids…is not keeping perspective in mind. Just sayin’.

    And society ain’t necessarily so smart society rules alone shouldn’t apply…unfortunately, I feel I have abused the hospitality of our host long enough here..and that is a whole different subject..

  25. For the sake of argument, however, let’s just pretend officer Lawdog here came up my front steps..kid in tow with a story like this.

    The first thing I would do is listen to everything officer Lawdog said about the whole thing..because in my screwed up mommy mind, at this point, I am the judge and jury and he is presenting evidence, eh?

    After that was taken care of, I would send the kid in question to his room for safekeeping. then I would sit on the couch and have a good cry for a few minutes, because I would recognize that I seriously f-d up as a parent.

    Then I would hear what the kid had to say. Then we would go through the process…whatever the court process would be in this particular case and in the interim and during, we would be attending some serious counseling to figure out what the hell the problem is and how to fix it.

    And then we would fix it…whatever it took.

    I am a firm believer in ..natural consequences. I tell my kids..maximum 3 times that if they continue a given action..there will be a consequence and whatever that consequence is, they can count on me to be there..pointing and laughing.

    Play with fire…get burned..and if you get burned…no sympathy here. But, I’m not going to beat you because you got burned. THAT wouldn’t be right.

  26. “You don’t know me or my of whom happens to be serving in Iraq as I type this…”

    So if the worst happens and he’s paraded through the streets as has happened in the past you’d be fine with the display?

    And how, exactly, is his service germane to this? Other than providing me a fine, albeit unintended example, I mean. Please tell me you aren’t using it for sympathy or thinking it somehow makes what you have to say more valid.

    “If it was a family member of mine..that was desecrated..a dead one…I don’t think that would bother me. Maybe that makes me a freak, but the person is dead..the body is a shell.”

    Whoops…I guess that answers that. Question withdrawn.

    “Why is nobody outraged that these kids had so little adult supervision in their lives that they were able to carry this out? “

    Know what I’m “outraged” about? The fact that you keep referring to them as “kids”. Their ages are 17, 17, and 16. They shouldn’t need, or warrent, adult supervision. For Pete’s sake, they’re adults themselves.

    That right there is why people like this keep doing stupid things. They’re just “kids”, after all. Hard to believe there’s 20 and 30-somethings still acting like teenagers het up for a Marxist to be president…

  27. OA
    Tell ya what…there is a link to my blog here..and therefore a link to my email. Bring it there, instead of here. This is disrespectful to the owner of this blog. I would advise you to read a little before you drop me a line. Anybody else…bring it. In email. Not here.

  28. And turning a child’s skull into a bong isn’t disrespectful? Here I thought that’s what the original point of many here was…

    Viva la modern morals of convenience!

    Further, how is fleeing from a debate you started, then hiding behind faux “respect” somehow high road? Or for that matter challenging others to “bring it” regarding what was an extremely poor position you decided to pridefully defend?

  29. You know… it is cases like this that make me sad to know that we have our modern justice system. Someone who would do this is someone who, outside of an absolute miracle, is simply beyond any hope whatsoever. In the meantime, someone who would do this is also likely to be someone who will make a lot of people’s lives hell, and will likely do a lot of other horrific stuff as well, and it would simply be better if we could remove them from society. It may sound cruel, but it would be infinitely better for the everyone else.

    But that’s OK, instead we’ll keep making sure that we ‘make an example’ of white collar criminals, and let all the violent offenders and sickos off with a warning and a pat on the back.

  30. You are like a dog with a bone I see.

    My point is the mentality of wanting to beat and poison children who showed disrespect is a little extreme. There are other more creative ways of teaching those lessons. (I did like the one about shaving their heads and parading them around…)

    The parents of those kids..and yes…they are still kids…failed them by failing to teach them respect. Beating them or poisoning them or any of those lynch mob tactics…how will this teach those kids?

    I think when they are still growing..physically, you can expect that their minds are still developing. While their minds are still developing, they can still be taught.

    Are we all about teaching kids to belong to society or are we just about killing the ones who refuse to conform?

    And my problem is that you didn’t attack my attacked ME..and there’s just really no need for that.

    On another level, I do thank you because this discourse has given me pause to stop and think about my ability to clarify or whatever. It will make me a better writer.

    I rather resent you implying that I want sympathy. It’s germane to the point because comments were made as to what kind of kids I would turn out and one works with his dad, one is in the service, one is graduating this year with honors, and the last two are currently on the honor roll..and have been since they started school. 5 of my 6 children have been on the honor roll since the third grade.

    Kids that commit crimes like this are bored, unsupervised, and probably spoiled. My kids have always been too busy doing chores and being busy to get into that kind of trouble. Just sayin’

    But it’s still not the crime of the century. It just isn’t.

    I can only conclude that you either do not have children at all, or have such a piss poor relationship with them that you are embittered. Sorry about that.

  31. Actually, if I had my way, child abuses, rapists, murderers and thier ilk, once found guilty (or if caught in the act already confirmed guilty) would certainly not get a trip to TDCJ’s fine facilities save until they were properly found guilty and were out of “options” *which would be far fewer in number*.

    No, they would be taken out and shot and then buried in a proper fashion.

    I don’t think these young adults deserve that. But they do deserve to be jailed for some time so that they and others realize there are results of stupid actions and they normally are not very nice.

  32. Children?

    Ages 17, 17, and 16.

    At age 17, I put my right hand up, and swore before God that I would protect and defend the Constitution, and obey the lawful orders of my superior officers — even if doing so meant death.

    Shortly thereafter, I was lawfully ordered to make out my will and handle my death insurance selections.

    My father did so at age 15 (he walked into teh recruiter’s office with a bunch of older friends who were all 18, and no one bothered to ask his age).

    Were these a group of small children who came across a corpse and acted inappropriately, I might grant your point some validity.

    But they are plenty old enough to know that one does not descrate a corpse, especially just to have a cool new way to break other laws.

    Thye have established, BY THEIR CHOICES, that they are devoid of empathy or civilization. They are well and truly a “fur piece” down a slippery slope of sociopathy; next stop: torture and killing for amusement.

    It’s time to hammer them NOW — not five years from now when they get caught dowsing a wino with gasolene or raping a mentally handicapped girl for kicks.

    We do not punish for vengeance — we punish for deterrance; either their’s, or another would-be criminal.

  33. *shrug*

    It’s not like the kid was using it anymore…

    oa: Sounds great. You get started on that right after I start putting strychnine in the alcohol supply. I mean, as long as we’re stomping on people’s ability to alter their biochemistry, why not get everyone?

  34. I’ve known a few retrobates like the grave robbers. Most kind thing to happen to those types is a quick death. More than likely, they will end up suffering in agony from inhaling some solvent or other hardware chemical.

  35. In 1933 they dug up these graves and moved them to this area away from all of the white folks?

  36. The Constitution of the United States contains the means of self-preservation in Art. III sec.3. Whenever any agent in Government seizes power not expressly enumerated, he levies war against the United States and commits the high felony of Treason.

  37. One of the earliest pieces of archaeological evidence that humans had become human is finding graves that demonstrate care for the bodies of the dead. When dead bodies are not treated like garbage (or food sources), you know it’s civilization. It is a human near-universal; we all must die, we usually all agree to treat dead bodies as we wish ours to be treated. When bodies are not treated with respect, it is almost always either an extreme punishment to warn others, an attempt at magical control, or an act of crazed hatred and contempt.

    Neanderthals cared for their dead. These alleged members of homo sapiens aren’t up to that standard.

  38. You know, I really don’t care that these kids were smoking weed or making bongs.

    I REALLY don’t. I’m not convinced that grass is more harmful than booze (whihc is ALSO an illegal substance for these kids).

    It’s the intentional desecration of a human corpse to do it that bothers me.

    It would bother me just as much if they used that skull to drink liquor, or even spring water.

    Civilized people just don’t use human bodies for utensils, housewares, and amusement.

    Would their defenders think it OK if these kids found a FRESH corpse, and flayed it for lampshades?

    The fact that they did it to inetntionally break a different law merely indicates their motives more clearly — it doesn’t make the ACT worse, it makes the ACTORS worse.


    perlhaqr said…

    It’s not like the kid was using it anymore…

    oa: Sounds great. You get started on that right after I start putting strychnine in the alcohol supply. I mean, as long as we’re stomping on people’s ability to alter their biochemistry, why not get everyone?

  39. I’m ashamed to say it, but I know one of those idiots. Of course, I have long since moved AWAY from the cesspool that is Houston, but I know one of those fools. My ex’s nephew.

    Oddly enough, I’m not surprised he would do something stupid like that.

    Thank god I cut ties with that family a long time ago, too.

    On another note, being only 20 years old and by most social standards considered their “peer”, I am disgusted. My father wouldn’t DARE let me run wild and leave me able to do stupid shit like this.

    My father, bless his soul, also DISCIPLINED me and taught me RIGHT from WRONG. In today’s society, though, you so much as THINK about slapping your kid for telling you to fuck off and you’re facing jail time for abuse of a minor. Hell, I heard about a case where CPS was called on a couple, by their own child, because they refused to give the little snot-nosed bastard an XBox 360 for Christmas.

    And CPS wanted to press charges.


  40. Please let me clarify one thing – these kids were from Kingwood, NOT Humble. Too many people want to be quick and point the finger since it happened in Humble, that all of Humble is bad news… It is the children of the wealthy in Kingwood it seems to be the real bad news. People need to take a good, hard, long look at this community – I have never heard of any other community having the moderate to severe drug problems resulting in bizarre crimes.

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