We have a Class III Beverage Alert!

Today’s epic kicking over of Ye Olde Giggle Box is courtesy of Cranky Professor.

Be sure to read the included links for maximum effectiveness.

For the duration of this Class III Beverage Alert, be warned:

1) Place all beverages, finger foods, and small fluffy animals out of reach until you have finished that post; and

2) It contains PG13 subject matter.

You have been warned.

We now return you to your regular blog reading.


Requiscat in Pacem
Meditations on paper armour

15 thoughts on “We have a Class III Beverage Alert!”

  1. ‘Dog, thank you for the warning or else I would have sprayed the laptop with DP (Dr. Pepper – for those of you who have never heard of it).

    That was the FUNNIEST thing I have read in months!

    Amy in Texas

  2. For a true test of courage and manhood, try this eith the Gold Bond in the green bottle.

  3. And, available at a nearby sporting goods store, is Anti Monkey Butt powder.

  4. And in West Africa, it’s Mennen’s shaving lotion. You could hear the screams for miles….

  5. At my son’s football camp, one foolhardy soul (NOT my son) tried Tiger Balm since he was out of Gold Bond. My son said he’d never heard anyone shriek like that before or since.

  6. I think LawMom needs her own blog. I love reading the comments here and I dunno..I just think she’d have a lot of good things to say and a lot to teach people. So what do you say LawMom?

  7. Shane: In HS football, a teammate refused to wear anything under his girdle-pads.

    Coach taught him a lesson with a handfull of tiger balm.

    Right before a game.

    It took a while for it to “hit” him. When it did, he shucked off the pads — all of them — right on the field and ran like killer bees were after him for the club-house.

    Even from the stands, a coupla thousand folks learned that the “myth” was true… The Brother’s nickname was “meat”…


  8. Without your warning I’d currently be cleaning the keyboard, monitor and, likely, the wall.

    The video over there was an added bonus to the story.

  9. What links? The only links I see in the article are the title, which links right back here, and Cranky Professor’s name.

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