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I was over at Tolewyn’s house the other day when he mentioned that he had found a Republican candidate he could support:


Given the proper selection of his VP running mate, I could actually support Denny Crane for President.

And that, my friends, says some pretty bad things about the current Presidential choices here in the Real World.


Papieren, bitte!

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  1. Mr. Mulligan..and Lawdog..I SOOOO feel your pain. I so with Fred were still in it…I am still in denial. Sigh.

  2. I just love Capt. Kirk! Even named one of my kids after him! I’ll vote for him any day! he’s my kind of guy.

  3. I’m with Kelly. I wants me some Fred!

    Although, I am really waiting for Bobby Jindal to drain the swamp and kill the gators in Louisiana. Then he’ll be ready to take on Washington D.C.

    Ky Person

  4. Who needs to control the election when you’be got iron clad control of which of the candidates are even allowed to reach the public’s awareness-

  5. If James T. Kirk is going to run for president his running mate simply has to be John Sheridan!* There’s a team I could support! Imagine the Cabinet they could pull together.

    Mulligan, Kelly (mom of 6), I feel your pain. I still have a home made “01*20*09 Fred’s 1st Day” campaign sticker in my car’s back window.

    * Babylon 5 reference.

  6. That was so KEWL!
    On the serious side, we haven’t a presidential candidate. Full stop.
    There is something really wrong with people who will vote according to color, sex, or by party without actually paying any attention at all to what the person stands for.
    So we have a Moslem-raised black, a dubious lawyer female, and-what exactly what IS the other one (apart from being something like my fifth cousin, that is)? Oh, yeah, war hero, trophy blonde wife.
    Gee, those are great credentials for our presidential slate.
    Bring on Kirk!

  7. Hello Lawdog I am interested in knowing what part of the nation you are from and what area you currently reside?

  8. Lawdog what do you know about the articles of impeachement that were read before the house lastnight?

  9. sadly there are good reasons why we cannot vote for lawdog for president. he is not a native born citizen, though certainly a worthy addition to our ranks as a naturalized citizen, also he is too intelligent and honest to want the job. too bad really, washington d.c. could use a good dose of texas law enforcement of the old school.

  10. Au contraire, my mother is a citizen of the United States, having been born in Texas. My father was a citizen of the United States, having been born in Kansas. Neither of them ever renounced their American citizenships.

    By the doctrine of jus sanguini I was an American citizen from the moment of my birth — a fact supported by the US Dept of State who issued me my first passport showing me to be a citizen of the United States of America — by way of the US Embassy in Valletta, Malta.

  11. as for “captain kirk for president” what did he spend his time doing on all those shore parties… “madame marie loves the men from the sea…”

  12. “Au contraire, my mother is a citizen of the United States, having been born in Texas. My father was a citizen of the United States, having been born in Kansas.”
    my error, correction noted, accepted and apology offered, and as you are eligible i’d vote for you if you did indeed want the job.

  13. Actually, gunner, Dog is eligible to run as president, being foreign-born of American national parents. Someone shoved that bit through Congress along in the ’70s, I think, though I wouldn’t swear to it. He has had an American passport since the week he was born, but the country in which he was born considers him a citizen of said nation unless he goes to one of their embassies and officially renounces that citizenship. Which, if he ran for pres, I suppose he would have to do.
    But then, I don’t think there’s any danger of that; can you imagine American politician-or any others, for that matter-actually letting an honest person get that far? Hoo-hah!

  14. thanks lawmom, lawdog set me straight, and you both have my apologies for the error. i’m going to have to shut this gadget off for now, we’ve got a serious thunderstorm passing through overhead and i don’t want to risk frying this computer, my wife wouldn’t be pleased.

  15. No apologies needed, gunner. Lots of people have that notion; they just don’t have the right information.

  16. Heck, I’d vote for Shatner if he promised to play Crane for the next 4 years…


  17. Hehehe..Lets write lawdog in. That way, we’d at the least have an honest man wearing a badge mind you, cleaning out the rest. lmao!

  18. Oh, my goodness, that is a hoot. I’ve never watched the show Shatner’s currently on… some lawyer drama, right? I might have to catch it one of these days.

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