I wonder if Coeur d’Alene needs cops?

101 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Bugscuffle County today. Bloody damnation.

Used to be, anything over a hundred degrees was an average day for me.

These days they give me a headache. Which makes it damned difficult to come up with blog fodder.

Checking e-mail … Ah-hah!


On the 25th of May of this year, a critter by the name of Ernesto Fuentes Villagomez walked into a bar in Winnemucca, Nevada and began shooting at two other Winnemucca residents, whom he seems to have had a past history with.

There may or may not have been a previous drive-by shooting involved — details are still somewhat sketchy.

Anyhoo, Villagomez killed the two brothers — and since he seems to have been possessed of the standard shooting ability of the average critter — injured two other (apparently uninvolved with either himself or the two other victims) folks, before proceeding to reload his pistol.

That’s when an unidentified (bless the Winnemucca PD) 48-year-old visitor from Reno, Nevada with a Concealed Carry permit and a pistol of his own hauled off and drilled the critter through the brisket.

Apparently, Nevada doesn’t have a problem with CCW folks in bars — bless their hearts.

The critter had the grace and good manners to expire on the spot.

The Winnemucca Police Department issued this statement. In addition, my (admittedly quick) research has revealed two other articles covering this classic Defensive Use of a Concealed Handgun by a Law-Abiding Citizen, the first here and the second here.

Two articles.

One tends to wonder how many articles would have run if Critter Villagomez had succeeded in slaughtering most of the bar, instead of being stopped in his tracks.

No, scratch that. Since the critter was punted onto the Room Temperature Express by a private citizen, rather than by a cop, why, this story might give the proles the idea that they can defend themselves — and Odin knows the media can’t have that heresy getting out!

And folks wonder why I don’t trust the Main Stream Media.

Props and kudos to the unnamed Reno resident who stepped up. More props to the Winnemucca PD who respected his right to privacy along with his right to self defence.

Tip of the Stetson to Gentle Reader Ben Crowell who brought this to my attention.


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17 thoughts on “I wonder if Coeur d’Alene needs cops?”

  1. Searching for Ernesto Fuentes Villagomez on Goggle News yields 2 articles, it’s true. However if you drop his middle name you get 19.

  2. I know it’s bizarre, as the tale starts with Murder Most Horrid, but I actually get a warm glow over the rest of it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, CdA needs police.

    forcast high today, 58F, low of 45 (ok, thats about 10F below average)

  4. I do take issue with someone carrying in a bar if they’re drinking there. It’s the one part of the carry restrictions in my state that I agree with. Regardless of that, it’s nice to hear that this stain was removed, and the public spirited citizen was not unduly molested by the local police and/or DA.

  5. Well, as to carrying in a bar. In Big A, there’s a bar that’s the hangout of the Mexican mafia and assorted others of the criminally inclined. The guy I was dating at the time happened to be an insurance agent, and the owner of the bar wanted to buy life insurance (no contest as to why). To reach his office, you had to go through the strippers’ dressing room-nice touch, I thought. Not wanting to inhibit the lascivious looks and drool, I sat at the end of the bar while boyfriend went back to do his thing. Whatever that might be.
    I was sitting there, having a Dr. Doolittle, when a brain-dead idiot critter walked in, pulled a pigsticker that would have made Jim Bowie proud, and told the bartender to give him everything.
    He got his wish, more or less. Before the bartender could pull up his shotgun, the patrons of the bar turned said critter into instant Swiss cheese.
    I have to admit, I didn’t even have time to flinch.
    Bartender called an ambulance. Apparently the EMTs had never been told about this particular establishment, because one of them, upon examining the-ah, corpse-said, “OMG! It looks like he’s been shot!”
    The bartender didn’t bat an eye. “Yup, tried to shoot himself in the foot and missed.”
    Everyone in the bar bought me a drink; I bought everyone in the bar a drink. The Lebanese owner comped the lot, and I spent years getting a lot of smiles from unsavory characters in my travels about town. That might have been because by the time the local gendarmerie arrived, every weapon in the bar, with the exception of the shotgun, was in my purse, but I like to think it was because of my unflinching stoicness…

  6. I wonder if many Chiefs of Police and county Sheriffs are opposed to private citizen concealed carry because of the possible loss of funding? If the word gets out ‘private citizens’ can protect themselves and don’t have to rely solely on someone ‘official’ to do the protecting, I could see a lot of people voting to have smaller police departments. Just a thought.

    As for concealed carry in bars: I don’t think el Senor Villagomez had a concealed weapon permit in the first place. Secondly, I think a person who has been checked out and issued a concealed weapons permit is less likely to get stupid drunk and then proceed to armed stupid than one who ignores the law in the first place. Perhaps if you go to a bar and drink yourself mindless, you shouldn’t take your gun. Personally, I don’t drink that much, in a bar or anywhere.

    As long as the villains are going to do so, why should we penalize the good folks?

  7. Apparently a LOT of retired coppers re-locate to Coeur d’Alene.

    Must be a great place!

  8. Lawmom

    Wonderful tale.

    Personally, I think the name and features of the public-spirited citizen should be given the widest posible publicity, so that for the rest of his life he never has to put his hand in his pocket to buy his own beer.

  9. TheBronze, CDA is not bad, tho once you get outside of the CDA area Idaho is much nicer and not so gentrified. Unfortunately lots of people are moving in to CDA and cost of living is going up, but you can still find nice places to live in the smaller towns.

    BTW, Moscow is MUCH nicer then CDA, we don’t have to deal with big city problems like CDA does and we are only 90 minutes south if we want to drive up and play at the lake 😀

  10. LawDog
    Many jurisdictions here in Washington AC are hiring.
    “AC” for “Not DC.”, or because in Western Washington we think it’s sweltering when it hits the 80s…

  11. 101, ugh. Is the humidity there as bad as NC’s? Felt like an armpit today and still does at 2256.

  12. And hey, if C’dA isn’t hiring, the lovely town of Spokane, WA (right across the border) very well might be. Weather today is 60 and cloudy.

  13. LawDog, son,

    Its time to move West young man! when it starts getting hot here! (in the South) I start thinking about a mountaintop in Montana or Washington state! Its so nippy at night you need winter clothes! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    Take Care

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