6 thoughts on “That’s gonna leave a mark”

  1. America has a vast capacity for emotional voting. We persistently vote according to color, creed and sex-not to mention sex appeal, in the case of a couple of presidents. The hypocracy of the media is staggering, but what is alarming, disgusting and amusing, all rolled into one, is the American public’s willingness to be led by them. Spanish-American War, anyone?

  2. There, by the Grace of Allah and a happenstance of geography, goes a charismatic and frightening American political figure, whereas had not that geographical glitch occurred, Osamabamarama would be herding goats and rousing the multitudes for a return of the Mau-Mau in Africa.

  3. Get out the Pixie Dust its the Second Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Second Coming of sound bites and an Empty Suit.

  4. Sadly, the first person to make a comment not only didn’t get it, she got to make a comment that’s viewed by all at the bottom.

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