10 thoughts on “Charity raffle”

  1. God bless sweater kittens.

    Breast cancer is what took my mom out. I’ll be buying a ticket.

  2. An ex-wife & mother to my children went through & survived breast cancer. Last time we talked, 2 months ago she is clean & cancer free.

    She knows that even though we broke up long ago, I do care & we talked at great length about our daughters getting yearly exams.

    I ride & raise funds (when I can) for Cancer research for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation (www.jwcf.org)

    I'll glady donate to this cause no sweat…..

  3. It has to be said… we getting the pink gorilla story to go with the pink rifle, Mr. Dog, sir?

    (I’m so getting a ticket if I ever drive through LD’s bailiwick…)

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