Embrace the suck

My brother-from-another-mother Tolewyn is currently stuck in the hospital.

What he thought was a bit of hiatal hernia mischief turned out to be a romping case of pancreatitis.

Bit of a sticky time there, but he seems to be doing somewhat better — the punch-it-yourself morphine pump is taking the worst of the pain off.

Friday we’ll see what needs doing.


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6 thoughts on “Embrace the suck”

  1. I hear those work even better if you just squeeze the bag. Prayers for a fast recovery for him.

  2. Ow. The bad part of pancreatitis (other than the pain)is the cure. The only thing he can do is rest his pancreas.

    You do that by … not eating.


    At all.

    If it’s bad enough they’ll put him on TPA (IV nutrition), which will keep him fed but his stomach and his brain will disagree.

    Good luck getting better soon Tolewyn.


  3. Ouch! Never good when that happens! Hope Tolewyn heals & recovers quickly!


  4. Holy Crap! I hope Tole’s okay. Things are pretty much pear-shaped already if they give you The Button.

    Here’s to hoping for the best!


  5. I suffered from acute pancreatitis in March of this year. The doc gave me a couple of doses of delaudid and then put me on the pump. Man that delaudid works. The pancreatitis came on within 24 hours of getting that new vaccine for shingles, Zostavax. The literature I found about pancreatitis says that 50% of the cases are related to alcohol intake but it can also be stimulated by viruses including chicken pox.

  6. he has my sympathy, had an attack of that a couple of years ago my self. but I only got the Delaudid (and the nothing by mouth) for a week. not the best way to loose weight.

    I was lucky in that my brain and stomach seemed to not mind no solid food (until they let me have breakfast, them they bitched liked all get out)

    my doctor at the time thinks it was caused by Byetta (Diabetes drug) but of course can’t prove it.

    hope he recovers fast!

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