Louisiana Update #2

Peter drove four miles into town to find a tower he could bounce a cell signal off of. Communique was brief and to the point:

“Tree fell on house. Soaking wet. Bloody awful night.”

He says that the damage isn’t too bad, but that it’s still pounding down rain.

More updates as they arrive.


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9 thoughts on “Louisiana Update #2”

  1. First a fire in his study, and now this? Poor Peter! My best wishes and prayers go out to him!

  2. disappointing news about the tree, but I’m glad he’s alright.

  3. Oh No! Please send him my well wishes! And thanks for the update!

  4. Give Peter our well wishes and let us know if there is anything he needs.

  5. If the circle on his map is correct, he’s in Rapides Parish, where I live. I’m up in the northeast near Deville, and on Wednesday morning, we’re still digging out. Lots of folks without power, intermittent cell phone service, power crews and right-of-way crews everywhere clearing downed trees and limbs. It’ll be a couple of days for some of the outlying areas. For reasons I can only attribute to divine intervention, our power came on last night.

  6. pawpaw, we must be pretty close. I’m on the Gunter end of Creduer. Power was back at 0745.

    It seems they’ve done a sort of triage for the areas and are getting those up who can be gotten up fastest. There are still many lines down in the areas that I’ve been driving. One phase of a three phase line crossing Philadelphia is still severed. Some have power while others just down the road don’t. Little by little….

  7. hey what happened with little Peter ? Is he alright ? Give Peter my well wishes please.

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