Tole is off the respirator, albeit still groggy and more than a bit grouchy.

When the Dilaudid isn’t having him seeing rabbits, alien infiltrators and the occasional Soviet agent (sometimes all at once) he can hold a fairly lucid conversation — so we’re pretty certain he’s going to be okay.

Well, that, and when his wife came in and gave him a hug, he cleared first base and was well to rounding second afore she could get loose.


I’m not sure who blushed brighter, his lady or his mother — who happened to be sitting at bedside.

They should have already moved him to a regular bed, or tending to it first thing in the morning.

That’s a load off my mind, and I’m for bed and the first good nights sleep I’ve had in a bit.

I’d like to thank you all for your prayers and your good thoughts. They meant more than you’ll ever know.

Back to your regular blogging tomorrow.


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14 thoughts on “Whew.”

  1. glad to hear it! Sounded a might skitish for a bit but good to hear he’s on his way out of the woods 🙂

  2. Glad to know he’s okay.

    But you tell the story as if there is no such thing as a rabbit who was trained as a Soviet agent after being genetically altered with alien DNA using recombinant DNA technology.

    I’ve met that rabbit. He exists.

    Elvis introduced us after my bike wreck.

  3. When you commented on rabbit shaped hallucinations, I had this mental image of a pair of largish rabbits, large by way of Night of the Lepus, doing a Boris and Natasha routine… I think my sense of humor is getting worse as I get older…

  4. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! That’s good news, but he’ll stay on my prayer list till we get the ‘all clear’ and he’s home.

    Get a good night’s sleep, Dog. You’re no good to others if you don’t take care of Number One, too.

  5. In my experience when a man feels good enough to try “playing baseball” with his wife in front of his mother, it’s a good sign. 😉

    Glad to hear he’s doing better. We’ll still keep him in our thoughts… now with much more amusement.

  6. I’m very glad to know that he’s improving, and I hope he’ll get to go home soon!

  7. Glad to read as well, LD. My best to everyone. But those rabbits….*whoa*

  8. If I were wife, not to mention Tole, I might not appreciate the baseball reference……..put out for all the internet to see. She probably WON’T be amused.

  9. Glad to hear he’s getting better. But, man, that Dilaudid is good stuff. Best 18 hours of sleep I ever had was on that… several years ago, I had Hubby take me to urgent care for a migraine that was no longer responding to regular meds, and when the shot of imitrex failed to curtail it, they gave me Dilaudid. Missed out on the bunnies and Russian spies, though. I feel a bit deprived now.

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