Early voting begins today

In Texas, October 20 of this year marks the beginning of Early Voting.

Gentle Readers, throughout the lifespan of this great nation — from the very birth of these United States — men and women have shed blood and died to preserve the freedoms that we take for granted.

Honour their sacrifice and cast your vote.

You will notice that I do not tell you whom to vote for. I do not advise, nor do I suggest, beg, or order — for it not for me to replace your conscience.

Listen to your conscience; listen to the whispered words of those who gave all — and do your duty.



Dear Mama Gaea

18 thoughts on “Early voting begins today”

  1. I will be voting this Saturday (earliest I can get to my early voting location).

  2. Early voting started on Saturday here, but I’ll be going on Thursday. And I’ll be taking my daughter with me, so she can observe the political process in action. Hey, if she’d been born a year earlier, she’d be voting in this election, too!

  3. Can’t vote in NY yet, but believe me, I’ll be at the polls on November 4th. I haven’t missed an election since I turned 18, and I don’t plan on it either. It’s not a privilege, it’s not a right, it’s a duty.

  4. I take my kids to the polling places and have since they were old enough to walk. It is never too early for them to see voting in action. At their age (5 and 3) it’ll be completely ingrained as they grow up that it is something one simply does…no thoughts otherwise, you just do it.

    Now, where is that clothespin so I don’t have to hold my nose as I select the candidates…

  5. I’ll be out of town on Nov 4, so I’m voting early. The only election I’ve missed since I turned 18 was an Iowa Caucus in 2000.

  6. My vote went in last Thursday.

    I’ve missed only one election so far — a run-off between two town council candidates, where I didn’t care for either.

  7. I just wish, in voting early, I could shut out the rest of this Loki-cursed election-coverage, and not have to resort to plugging my ears and crying “LALALA-ICAN’THEARYOU-LALALA!”

  8. (Un??)fortunately, I can’t vote until Nov 4.

    That’s what happens when you wait until the absolute last day to get your voter registration card in, but that’s okay, I’m registered now and I will vote this go around.

  9. “Listen to your conscience; listen to the whispered words of those who gave all — and…”

    …don’t vote for the Marxist Manchurian candidate who’d raise your taxes, take your guns and destroy the First Amendment.

    I’m early voting this Thursday. SWMBO wants me to go with her, since it is her first time voting (having become a citizen about 13 months ago). The good news is that she hates the Marxist Manchurian candidate as much as I do.

    Anyhow, another reason to vote is to earn the right to complain. Since I live to complain about corrupt, statist politicians (yeah, sorry for the multiple redundancies), I HAVE TO vote.

  10. Manchurian Candidate? Wasn’t that the book about an ex-pow who went into politics?

  11. Unfortunately, VA doesn’t have early voting and I don’t quite qualify for absentee, so I’ll have to convert some sleep time into vote time. The only good news is that I’ll be tired enough that I shouldn’t have to pinch my nose.

  12. I mailed my absentee ballot in today and with my second ballot cast (due to age, not abstention, of course) I couldn’t feel more proud.

  13. Yes, anonymous. “Manchurian Candidate” is about an ex-POW who was brainwashed and went into politics.
    And “Mein Kampf” is about a long-suffering paper hanger who hated Jews and went into politics.

  14. Vote early!

    And for all of you Obamaniacs (you know who you are), vote often!

    Your franchise is far too valuable to only use it once during an election. It’s your civic duty to make sure that the tax dollars you paid to subsidize ACORN were not spent in vain!

  15. I went on Saturday 10/18. We waited in line about an hour, and by the time we finished, the line was easily twice as long as when we arrived.

  16. I did more than just vote. I made small speeches and was elected as a delegate at all points along the way up to Nevada’s GOP state convention, where myself and about thirteen hundred other elected delegates voted to elect 29 Ron Paul-supporting folks out of 32 total to go represent Nevada at the national convention.

    Yet, Bob Barr called an illegal recess (without a vote), breaking quorum, and allowing the GOP muckity-mucks to decide via conference call to send McCain delegates to the national GOP convention.

    I won’t play this rigged casino game anymore, nor will I lend legitimacy to it by participating.

    I know what the supreme law of the land says, and I will abide by it – I will also expect everyone around me to abide by it as well, or treat them as the criminals they are.

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