5 thoughts on “Good stuff”

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    May I pick minds for a moment–if such is allowed? (If not, please accept my apologies in advance)

    I have volunteered to help coordinate a fund raiser for our local sheriffs chaplains (non-denom)department. They are the nice folks who make sure our nice officers remain fairly sane.

    We are doing this by way of an auction and perhaps a golf tournament. Any suggestions or successes the group might share would be mighty appreciated.

  2. opps–my email addy is up one paragraph from where I intended is to be.

  3. Lord Almighty. I am so thankful there are people like this (and you) who want to do this because I never could.

  4. The majority of the people in this country can rest well with the knowledge that there are people like Cowtown Cop, and you Dog ready, willing, and able to put yourselves on that line between the savages and the civilised.
    As a former swabbie I can give only one kudo ‘WELL DONE!’.

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