By way of the lovely LaP over at Fatale Abstraction, I have been honoured with a “Superior Scribbler Award”.

Apparently, this award comes with a few rules:

Okay, five other bloggers. Well, that won’t be hard … hmm … this award seems to be getting around a bit.

Lady Tam over at A View From the Porch.

Marko at The Munchkin Wrangler

Cowtown Cop

CrankyProf at The Cranky Epistles

and last, but certainly not least,

Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation


Huh, that's odd.
The Ten Cannots.

2 thoughts on “Scribbles”

  1. That’s not an award. It’s an electronic chain letter. This blog is deserving of praise but this “award” is meaningless. I wish more people would step up and stop spreading this stuff.

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