Happy Turkey Day!

Granted, a little late, but I worked a twelve-hour shift today.

I am pleased to report that — at the time of publication — the three-year streak of Aggravated Assault with a BBQ Fork (a/k/a “The Thanksgiving Forkings”) has apparently come to a much-deserved end. Not before time, I say.

Nothing was burned down, blown up, or introduced at high-speed into random immovable thingummies; and only two Assaults (Family Violence) came to our attention.

Everyone at the office working today brought a covered dish and a great deal of high-quality nosh was consumed by all.

Not a bad Thanksgiving, all things considered.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Crows and buzzards got families to feed.
I wouldn't do that if I were you ...

14 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!”

  1. Of course you realize that you have laid yourself open to the recreational hysterics who will be along any moment to upbraid you for your use of the term “Turkey Day” rather than Thanksgiving.

    (Would it really have been too much to refer to the histrionics of the recreational hysterics? 🙂 )

  2. Glad you got a well deserved “quiet” day at work, Dawg. May the rest of your Christmas Season be joyous and as peaceful. Blessings on you and your family, as well.

  3. Well, gee whiz, Chuck, Dog is only following in the Clintonesque-and now Obamian-footsteps of political correctness. You know, like, in order to be “fair and equitable” everything must change, even the names of tried and true holidays.

  4. Always struck me as weird that our local jail filled up with people beating up on their family members during the holidays.

    Good ole annual get togethers.

  5. I was gald to hear for the most part your Thanksgiving was uneventful.Hopefully your Christmas will peaceful. Take care and God Bless and and keep you safe.

  6. What? No forkible entries? How nice to hear no fowl play was afoot this Thanksgiving. I suppose with such a dearth of hardboiled cases, you’ll just have to wing it.

  7. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I finally got around to apologizing for the way I commented way back in August of ’07 on the post entitled ‘Ye tap-dancing Gods’ about your review of the movie ‘Stardust,’ which i was disappointed in – obviously. I came on way too strong and just thought about it recently and was feeling embarrassed.

    You write well, and it occurred to me that you are a cop who writes better and more prolifically than me, someone who once thought of herself as a writer. Life is full of contradictions and surprises.

    I haven’t visited here in a long while, except I happened to drop in to read an edition of your story about the pink gorilla suit. Enjoyed it!

  8. Looks like the Swedish Chef really out did himself this year!

    ‘Grats on a quiet – if long – shift. And here’s to it remaining so (quiet, that is) the rest of the holiday season!

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