I’d like to apologize to my Gentle Readers about the dearth of posting around here. The New Year has given us — along with the usual holiday mayhem — an eager new Sheriff with new ideas.

One of those new ideas has involved your Humble Scribe getting his job title changed more than a bit.

I’ve been dragging myself home, sitting blearily in front of the Magic Elf Box and staring vacantly at this little white screen, before grunting and plodding off to bed.

I think my Muse is mocking me. Come to think, I’m sure of it.

Anyhoo, once I get used to new hours, new responsibilities and new challenges, I’ll get that post rate back up, I promise.


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31 thoughts on “Blarg.”

  1. Welp LD? 447 says it best…Stay sharp, (change) Be safe out there. Until then, I’m code six

  2. No apologies necessary, Lawdog. I’m just happy to hear the silence is because of writer’s block and not something more serious. Good luck with the new job and duties.

  3. It is better to not blog for a while than to force yourself. That way leads to burn out. A lot of single person blogs went to group blogs in an effort to turn out product everyday. Something I discovered too late is that you need time to play, sleep, and dream. just as much as need to make deadlines. Going full out all the time just slows you down in the long run. It seems like in the off times part of your brain resolves and integrates things.

  4. Be Safe First. The writing will happen. Are congratulations in order?

  5. “One of those new ideas has involved your Humble Scribe getting his job title changed more than a bit.”

    So your elite gorilla suit skills have been recognized and now you’re going to be the official Bugscuffle County Costumed Deputy?

  6. Texas county politics 101: Either LawDog is the new sheriff, or he didn’t run for the office.

    That’s how it works in Texas. Any deputy who runs for sheriff either wins, or gets fired. On rare occasions, the losing challenger will stay on as the graveyard shift County Jailer In Charge of Digging Through Poop, of those suspected of swallowing balloons of dope in the visiting room.

  7. No worries here LD. Keep up the good work for the Citizens first. I know I’ll be here waiting for you.

  8. Man I know where you’re coming from! At times I’m not sure what I’m doing. Third shift is really messing me up at the moment.
    I don’t have to tell you my friend, stay frosty and watch you’re six.
    We’ll be right here.

  9. Do those new responsibilities include 'designing and implementing new and improved tactical methods & equipment' …Pink Gorilla Suit v2.0 ?

  10. LawDog:

    Congratulations or Condolences, whichever fits your perception of the situation.

    Like others before me, I send you wishes to stay safe, stay alert and not to worry about the writing – when the muse is ready, she’ll whamp you upside the head and you’ll have no choice but to write–

    Until then, I feel your pain . . .

    Been there, done that, left the Sheriff’s office shortly after the new Head Honcho made one too many WTFWereYouThinking? Executive Decisions/Directives.

    Peace, Out.
    Former Deputy/Dispatcher

  11. Lemme guess. They’re putting you in charge of the PinkGorillaSuit Department…

    Just as long as it doesn’t cut into your call-in time to Gun Nuts… 😉

  12. *sniff* Our puppy is growing up. He’s getting so big! Pretty soon he’ll outgrow his pen….

    LAWDOG – Alpha Male
    New Duties – Leader of his pack

    Okay, all joking aside now. I hope the “Title Change” is of the coolest order, and that you completely enjoy your new duties (once you get used to them, of course).

    Take care, we’ll keep the lamp lit, the fire stoked, and the bar stocked for yer return.


    Word verification – dpshrf. hmmmm

  13. Promises, promises…;)

    Don’t worry, we can be patient. When we have to.


  14. Dawg, is your sherf our sherf? Because I swear he or she or it has every damn cruiser in the fleet out trolling for speeders along the road I drive into town.

    Seriously considering holding up a bank or something on the other side of town…

  15. I suffer from withdrawal when you don’t post, but all’s forgiven now, knowing you’re ok.

    You’ll have to fill us in with the real skinny-when convenient, of course!

  16. We really do need to know…

    Just what kinda hours do they expect a dogcatcher to work in Bugtussle?

  17. You too, LD? I’ve been banished to the night shift for the high crime of not telling my boss how to do his job well enough for him to be able to do it competently. A head needed to roll, and mine was chosen.

    Oh well, lousy hours, but less work, fewer bosses around, and more time off. Oh, more money too.

    We do get to see some of the more interesting denizens of the community as well. Makes for good blog fodder.

  18. Knowing something of the situation, I will say this: If you say to a sheriff’s candidate “You know what we need around here…?” often enough, he will do one of two things when he’s elected, if he keeps you on: ignore you, or put you largely in charge of that little project.

  19. I was a touch worried, but am glad it was “just” job related.

    And boy can *I* relate. More responsibilites, same money, less overtime seems to be the rule of the day around this little chicken coop, too.

    word verification “fuclts” – is Blogger trying to tell me something???

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