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  1. Thanks for the info.
    When I was unemployed, and too broke to actually buy a book, I was saved by the Baen free library.
    And I think their philosophy regarding the free books does work. I have not bought any of the books I read for free, but I developed a certain taste for Ringo, Flint and Lackey.
    I will be heading that way again. I might make a new aquaintance

  2. Stuff like that is moving me toward a Kindle Amazon e-reader. Especially with the DX 10×7″ model coming out this year.

  3. Now you’ve gone and got me hooked!

    I tried to find the way to dowload the whole thing, but it’s either not working or not there anymore. The first seven chapters were enough to get me to go order the paperback on Amazon!

  4. Now, everyone needs to hit Amazon, or whoever, and do a pre-print order… NOW. The book flat-out rawks.

  5. Baen books has a fairly extensive free library online. Downloadable, too! I’ve gotten a few in PDF format.

    Baen is a very cool publishing house. They get my business!

  6. Very fun, very funny, and it’s refreshing to see accurate firearms.

    There’s few things more irritating than reading some Edgar Award winning author like T. J. Parker and then a character pulls out a “Desert Eagle revolver”.

    So thanks for the update on MHI! The e-book seems to only be chapters 1-15 though.


  7. Thanks for the plug, Lawdog.

    JB, it is 15 chapters so far, but I was told that the next quarter will be up soon, and then the last. Once you buy the e-book, then you can download it whenever, and in whatever format you want. So the whole thing should be up soon, but I don’t know exactly when.

  8. Lawdog, you sadist! I read the first seven free chapters and was thoroughly hooked. So I clicked on the link to order from Barnes & Noble and got a blank page. Tried Amazon.com and got the message that this book won't ship until August. August!?! Aaargh!

  9. Lawdog, you sadist! I read the first seven free chapters and was thoroughly hooked. So I clicked on the link to order from Barnes & Noble and got a blank page. Tried Amazon.com and got the message that this book won't ship until August. August!?! Aaargh!

  10. IIRC, that’s when the E-Book will be released, also.

    I think they do E-ARC versions earlier, but you’d have to go to Webscriptions.net and check.

    (what’s an E-ARC? go to webscriptions.net and they’ll explain it.)

    This is *not* an ad for Baen, or webscriptions or MHI. Honest.

    (you still here? you go now! you been here fou howa!)

  11. Crap.

    Lawdog, I deleted the e-mail with your mailing address.

    Could you send that to me again?

  12. For Parrothead Jeff, and whoever else was looking for the way to download the whole thing: the “main” link for the book on Baen’s site is http://www.webscription.net/p-1024-monster-hunter-international.aspx. Note the publication date (August 1st) and the red word “Half” just below the title near the top of the page. That means that if you buy the August 2009 WebScription, you'll get that book (and four others) available as an E-book download. Half available now, three-fourths next months, and the whole thing around mid-July (about the same time the paper books start shipping to the brick & mortar stores).

    I will note that if you buy an E-book — any E-book — from Baen, you get it in your choice of multiple formats (Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, RTF, HTML, and one more I'm forgetting). None of the formats have any DRM on them, so you can copy them to your laptop, Kindle, iPhone, or whatever other device you want, as often as you want. Baen, unlike the music industry, has decided to trust their customers to be law-abiding adults.

    I will also note that neither Baen nor Larry have paid me a single cent for this plug. And yet I'm happy to send more business Baen's way. Funny how that works; I wonder when the recording industry will figure it out? (Though it would probably take them about a quarter century to rebuild the customer goodwill they've squandered by suing their customers).

  13. Baen Books free library has been like crack for me. I downloaded most of the Ringo's Posleen series and for a few weeks I was up until 3AM most nights reading them.
    And their free distribution of things is a perfect way to get people hooked. I started off reading Flint's 1632 series and once I read through everything that was free from the series I had to buy everything else because I wanted to read it all so bad. I breezed through the free chapters of MHI pretty quick to, so now I'm hooked. Thanks a lot Larry & LawDog.

  14. You are an evil man. I’m now waiting to finish the rest of the story.

    And I absolutely love Baen’s free library. I go through it looking for more ideas to branch out in my reading habits. It was a life saver (read saver?) when I didn’t have extra money to buy books and couldn’t get to the library.

  15. Baen is a great thing. His philosophy — that paper books get passed around, hence so should e-books — is a breath of fresh air in a stupid-greedy world.

    Stupid-greedy because the greed doesn’t help make them money — forced to choose between borrowing and buying, most will borrow unless it’s something they really like.

    How do they know if they really like it? By BORROWING it first.

    Every “permanent” book in my library was first read as a borrowed book. Most I would never have bought if I hadn’t read it first.

    MHI ROCKS. WILL be buying this one!!


  16. a bit late, but i'd lke to join the parade paying compliments to baen books. i read the sample chapters to john ringo's "last centurion" and was hooked, now i'm reading the new "witches of karres" and thats my next on the buy list, along with the latest of the "lt. leary" series, "the stormy red sky" snippets of which have been posted (with permission) to the "redliners" yahoo group of david drake fans.

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