Neda Soltani

By now just about everyone has seen the iconic picture of the Iranian protests: a pretty young woman held in the arms of her screaming father, as she dies in a welter of blood.

The actual concrete details are sketchy. There is video showing her and her father standing peaceably on the sidelines, merely watching a protest; and then she dies — all on video — confused, terrified, and uncomprehending.

All else is supposition at this time.

That is enough.

For her family, I grieve. I offer my condolences for the loss of their most precious treasure, and I can only utter those most inadequate of words: she is in a better place now.

In time, I hope that the memories of the joy she no doubt provided to you become stronger than the memories of the horror; and thus provide some tiny measure of comfort.

As for those who have done this deed, either directly or indirectly, listen and heed my words.

There will be a reckoning. It may not be before a judge, a jury, or even a mob; there may not be forensic evidence or witness testimony – but know this: all men must stand before their Creator sooner or later.

No God tolerates the wanton butchery of His children — not mine, nor yours; not the God of Abraham, the God of Paul, nor the God of Mohammed; not even the old Gods of fire and fury, neither the many thousand Gods of the Hindus, nor those of the Han, allow the murder of their innocent children.

Reflect on that, you wretched excuses for men, and despair.


Happy Independence Day
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  1. Thank you for your words. I know you're right. You're wisdom has given me strength to calm down as I have shed many tears over the people, innocent people of Iran and the so many deaths from young Neda to the young pregnant woman who was killed along with her unborn child..just to mention a couple. I pray for Justice! Freedom! And Democracy for Iran. God Bless.

  2. Well said, as usual. It's a shame we do not have leadership in this country that will condemn the current leadership regime in Iran.

  3. I tweeted this as my say:
    I hope that Neda Soltani is not "overloaded" with other people's messages, making her "say" things she did not mean or intend. May she RIP.

    Lawdog it seems we are on the same page here.

    I hope that the coward who shot her from concealment, without threat from her is brought to justice in this life.

    If not, God will indeed sort them out.

  4. Yes, she is in a better place. Perhaps some of our ancestors who fired the shot heard 'round the world were there to welcome her.

  5. We go thru the same thing in the Philippines. The president (Gloria Arroyo) kills members of the opposition. The president's friends kill their opponents. There is no justice because the justice secretary is the friend of the killers.
    This is the reality for those of us who live under an oppressive and dictatorial government.
    They just keep killing us…murder and injustice is our culture.

  6. As a Chinese who survived June 4/89 Beijing Tian-An-Men Massacre, I say this to Iranian Authorities ordering the killing of innocent people: 1> Do you know Deng Xiao Ping – The Patriarch Chinese Leader in 1989 who gave order to kill Chinese pro-democracy demonstrators – asked his ashes be scattered into the ocean after his death! WHY??? What was he afraid of??? Deng knew so well that he was going down into history as a Murderer!!! 2> Do you know, even today, 20 years later, NO ONE, NOT a single ONE in the entire Chinese government, has ever admitted he or she gave the order alongside Deng nor claimed the credit of "saving the Red China from subversive forces?"

  7. We're so blessed, so far anyway, that we don't live in situations like adonismoreno77 or "anonymous". Sending prayers for those they've lost.

    As far as Firehard is concerned, how could he/she presume to know what Neda felt in her heart? She may well have had an open mind, been an educated woman with an eye to what "could be" instead of "what is" in the Middle East.

    Yep, Lawdog, we'll all answer to a higher power. Too bad some will answer later rather than sooner.

  8. Firehard, I recall the Iranian people holding candlelight vigils and mourning after 9/11. Save your ire for the Iranian government.

  9. Oh, that's just really great, firehard. I'll bet you're one of those people whose day isn't made complete without finding something you can apply to hating the Jews. You hone for it. You wait for it. If you can't twist something into being Jew-hating that day, you probably can't sleep at night feeling that you've been slighted.
    Your comment is totally inappropriate. American people grieve for anyone who is victimized by injustice, and I personally hope that, despite the Obamanation, that empathy continues.

  10. There was book I read recently..where one of the characters said basically..everyone follows their own path to the man upstairs. God, Allah, and the god of the Torah..all one and the same with different names. And all this violence being done by the extremists in his name have got an unpleasant surprise coming when its their turn to be judged. I'm with the character in the book on this one..I don't think the extremists are going to enjoy the afterlife as much as they think.
    shooter " Is this the express elevator to heaven and my 77 virgins?"
    Elevator operator "Oooops so sorry sahib, this is not that elevator, but verily you're on the right one. We hope you enjoy your ride on hotter than hell express. Its the last pleasure you'll ever have."

  11. I hope iran solves irans problems, because no one else is going to.

    go not abroad in search of monsters to destroy= I am a conservative.

    spread freedom= liberation theology, Mao would agree

  12. LD, I am severely saddened at this and other terrible events happening so fast in our world today. This old soldier just completely fails to understand the mess our country is in, and why the only true patriots left seem to be on the internet? I just cannot understand how American citizens can sit idly by and watch our beloved country disintegrate around us and do nothing. I fail to understand how our country and people can allow ourselves to be bullied and threatened by other countries. Why Iran, North Korea, and all like them are allowed to continue to do the things they do, while good men do nothing. Why? Why do we just sit while our world swirls down the drain?

    Sorry LD, guess I picked a night when the old dander is up to comment….

  13. for evil t occur it only requires honest men to do nothing. WHat is the greater evil that this happens or that we will watch?

  14. You have an amazing way with words. This was a beautiful post. The B*stards that did this will definitely get whats coming.

  15. While I too am touched by the Byronic tragedy of a death of a beautiful young woman asking for her government to do the right thing, I recognize that she's more of a symbol, than an individual. She and her peers were and are outside of my Monkeysphere.

  16. Mr LawDog..I am stunned, and taken aback, by the depth of your emotions, by the clarity of your obvious intelligence. You have a soul, deep and wonderful. Most "Lawmen" get their spirits ruined and burned cus of their experiences… I am glad to witness that you… have saved yours! Don't know how you did it? But you did, God Bless You. He did, didn't he?…bless you.

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