Ted Nugent and the 2nd

First off, I’d like to apologize to the rest of the United States for Texas Monthly magazine. The only two times that I’ve read Texas Monthly, I’ve been somewhat shocked by the sheer amount of left-wing bias it contained.

I don’t know how one could call a magazine “Texas Monthly” when the only articles that I’ve ever read in “Texas Monthly” were embarrassed by Texas and Texans.

Anyhoo, I digress.

The above is a video clip of one of The LawDog Files’ favourite musicians being interviewed by the editor of the afore-mentioned magazine.

You know, there really isn’t anything I can add to that.

Preach it, Brother Ted.


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28 thoughts on “Ted Nugent and the 2nd”

  1. I read his book God, Guns, and Rock and Roll a while back I was really impressed. I like what he says, and agree more often than not.

  2. Like you, sir, I can think of nothing worthwhile to add. Especially the comments regarding the federal government's position on gun control.
    Hooray for Ted Nugent!

  3. Entirely agreed about Texas Monthly. I can't even bring myself to use it to start a fire.

    Rock on Brother Ted!

  4. Texas Monthly seems to reflect the left leaning liberals of Austin, rather than the thoughts and opinions of most of the rest of the state.

    Mr Fixit

  5. Preach it,

    Do not hold it in Brother Ted, Tell us how you feel!

    Absolutely nothing to add or discuss.

    He. Nailed. It.


  6. Did you happen to note that the run time of the video is .308?

    Yeah, I'm a geek…

  7. Ian, I guess I've read or skimmed an issue of TM maybe once a year, average, since it first began publication.

    You put into words just exactly what I've felt about the tone of the magazine: Always apologizing for being in Texas. A lot of, "We're in Austin because we couldn't make it in Noo Yawk." (Or even Dallas.)


  8. Texas Monthly isn't part of the happy weirdo lefty Austin scene (despite being published there). It's more the organ of the pseudo-cosmopolitan smug Dallas scene.

    It's a slick glossy 1/2-inch-thick stack of advertisements occasionally interrupted by lightweight lifestyle articles, and once in a great while, serious investigative journalism.

    In other words, it's Vanity Fair: the Texas Edition.

    I've read some great articles in TM. I've never enjoyed reading it as a magazine, though; too many advertising distractions, and too loud a noise:signal ratio.

  9. I'll jack Brother Ted up for one thing: When the pencilneck from TM said, "Defend yourself and the Second Amendment", Ted should have just told him: "Defend YOURSELF, buddy: the Constitution says I have the right to keep and bear arms; you don't like that YOU are the one who has to defend his point of view… not me!"

  10. If you want a fun magazine, pick up "Garden and Gun".

    It's like "Esquire" for the South.

    I haven;t noticed any overt politization, but I have noticed multiple articles on hunting, falconry, and quality double bird guns. Plus cajun cooking, etc.

    Try it — you may be surprised.

  11. "triptyx said…

    Entirely agreed about Texas Monthly. I can't even bring myself to use it to start a fire.

    Rock on Brother Ted!"

    It's that ecofriendly recycled paper and soy based ink… You couldn't even wipe your arse with it without leaving ink and crap streaks across your backside.

    Paul Burka is however an asswipe.

  12. All Right! Go, Ted! Seriously, I want to say thank you for bringing this great video to my attention and cheering up my day. I wish more of our politicians were as honest as Ted, and that I was as eloquent.

  13. Rave on, Tedward. I don't always agree with you, but you embody that independent spirit which, at one time, made America great-and particularly Texas.

  14. The interviewer can't believe that Nugent is telling the truth. "Civilized" people don't talk about killing people like that. After all, we have police, courts, and prisons to handle criminals, right?

    This is a perfect example of the disconnect between the oh-so-much-smarter-than-everyone-else set and the rest of us.

    We live in the real world, they don't.

  15. I wish we had the spirit of Uncle Ted distilled and injected into all the members of congress and senate as an inoculation against the disease of liberalism and ignorance.

    If he could tone down the antics, but keep the fervor and the power, and the desire for freedom that he has, he may be the embodiment of what a POTUS should be. God Almighty what a beautiful, free, vibrant country it would be again.

    (having just returned from a soul sucking trip to D.C. I really needed a dose of Uncle Ted.)

    Preach on Brother Ted, Preach on!

  16. I recently renewed my subscription to TM – it's a little touch of home now that I'm living waaay nawth of the Mason-Dixon. Granted, what I most look forward to perusing is the real estate section (places I could never afford in THIS lifetime…still…), the Kinkster's column and the adverts for TX stuff. It's worth the $12 a year to snort and giggle at some of the articles and always look forward to the "Best and Worst" editions.

    If you're living in the Republic whilst reading this comment, Bless Your Heart! For me, TM is an inexpensive bit of fluff that keeps me connected.

  17. I agree with Ted usually. Being from Michigan, I learned at an early age that you have to separate the "Motor City Madman" from Ted Nugent.

    I do have one major issue with him however, he promised to run against Granholm if she tried for a second term and he slunk off to Texas instead.

  18. What about the interviewers face?? he looked like he was eating maggots, with the rancid eyeball they lived in.
    All I can say about Ted is YES

  19. Warthog, Ted didn't abandon his beliefs but moved to Texas for his wife's health. I gotta respect a man who puts his family first. But we could of used him, eh? Unemployment now stands at 25% in the motor city

  20. Thank Gawd! I thought I was the only one who realized that magazine had been taken over by turd lickers from New York City!
    That Metro-Sexual piss ant excuse for a man that runs that magazine now, who interviewed Mighty Ted.. he is a piss ant dicklick.
    Texas has been invaded by 3rd World animals from south of the border…drugs/cheap labor!
    Austin has been invaded by…Queer Liberals from California and New York City! Can't tell..which is worse?

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