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  1. He can not only vote in St. Louis, but run and likely get elected to office in Missouri… seems that we like to vote for dead politicians in this state…

  2. Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy is now eligible to vote at least three times in all Washington State elections.

    Gerry N.

  3. Bravo! I heard that if he rises from the grave and sees his own shadow, we'll have six more years without socialized health care…

  4. As Craig Ferguson says nightly, "It's a great day for America, everybody!"

  5. I hear that the Mass dems are trying to get another Kennedy to run for Swimmer's seat—Joe Kennedy.

    If the people in Mass allow this they are just plain stupid and this is proof.

  6. He's also eligible to vote in Florida. We like dead people to vote here, keeps things interesting.

  7. Betcha marshmallows will roast nicely over his grave 'till the end of time–as an indication of where he went; don't-cha know.

    Sorry, but I really think that the man was evil (How did he know who to contact in USSR to offer his services to help bring Reagan down?)

  8. Now, he's the best senator in the congress.

    Lawdog, I have a Texas question. Please email me staghounds at bell south dot net or telephone,

    423 242 5027.

    Thanks everso!

  9. The Evel Knievel of Chappaquiddick has finally splashed down.

    (WV: "tasem". I hope Asmodeus does.)

  10. The blonde-in-every-pond politician has finally shown up at the sulfuric gates of hell. May woe betide him.

  11. There was a young senator from Mass
    In search of a good piece of ass
    He lucked out and found her
    He f*cked up and drowned her
    And his chances for President did pass
    (And now, he'll be pushing up grass.)

  12. Well, let's see if he runs for Mayor in any Arkansas town . . . As for what he's done in the past – it is past but very few of us will ever forget and only Mary Jo Kopechne can ever forgive him. Well, her and God.

  13. Phil Wong….
    I hope you don't mind but, I do believe I'll use that as a signature on one or two of the webboards I frequent..just to watch the far lefties on those boards froth at the mouth in incoherent rage. 🙂

  14. Curly, PLEASE do…

    FYI, I'm not the original author – I first heard it in a David Alan Grier comedy bit, and in honor of the occasion I Googled the opening line and found several versions, each differing slightly in wording, and cut-'n-pasted a version I liked.

    Although, I WILL admit to originating and adding the final line in parentheses…

  15. With the eulogy from Mr. Free Market

    Posterity will ne'er survey
    A nobler grave than this:
    Here lie the bones of Ted Kennedy
    Stop traveler, and piss

  16. It is just a shame they have to declare Arlington National Cemetery a toxic waste dump now.

    Someone I know said if you stuck a wick in his arse he could fuel his own eternal flame with all the lard and alcohol in his carcass…

    But seriously folks, why in HELL is this waste of oxygen being allowed within SIGHT of Arlington? much less being allowed to be buried there? This is the guy that, when kicked out of college for cheating twice, enlisted in the army, mistakenly signing up for FOUR years, only to realize his screwup, and having 'Ol Joe pull a few strings and have it reduced to two, and further to have him stationed in Europe instead of Korea. The man never rose above Private in his whole two years. What in bloody hell has he done to deserve being buried in Arlington? It is a blood insult to every hero buried there.

  17. And there was wild cheering from the Massachusetts readers…

    Saturday night at dinner, I'm sitting in the restaurant facing the bar, where two large screen TVs are on… and I look up just in time to see on one screen, Ted Kennedy's hearse, and on the other screen, a MADD ad that says "Drunk Drivers Cost Lives". Damn near choked on my drink laughing. Seems an appropriate epitaph.

  18. All butt-hurt, anon11:19?

    Try not deifying murderous misogynist drunkards. You won't have to endure our jeering that way.

  19. "But seriously folks, why in HELL is this waste of oxygen being allowed within SIGHT of Arlington? "

    My understanding is that Senators can request to be planted there as well.

  20. Maybe so Cyberluddite, btut he only "service" he has given to his country involves him sticking his johnson in our collective backsides, roughly, and without the benefit of lubrication or even consent.

  21. Look,

    He served. Got an honorable discharge.

    Sure, his old man certainly pulled some strings for him. (Big surprise, what?)

    Sure, he didn't go to Korea. (Lots of guys who served during that period didn't.)

    But he almost certainly could have arranged to miss service altogether. You don't think his old man couldn't find him a doctor and a compliant draft board to decalre him 4-F? By that time, JFK was teh heir apparant and RFK was the spare, so Ted was just an afterthought. No need to save his future political career by having him serve — he wasn't counted on to have a political career at that time.

    He didn't have to have his military record administratively altered years later to cover up a less than honorable discharge, nor do I recall him EVER making himself out to be some sort of great military hero.

    He "just" served his country honorably.

    I have nothing bad to say about Ted Kennedy's military service. I THANK him for his service.

    After all, he served almost as many duties days (counting leave time and weekends where he was off) as George W. Bush.

    So, he's entitled to a veteran's burial in a national cemetray. And there's room in teh plot where his older brothers (minus Joe Jr.) are buried.

    His goat gagging behavior as a miserable excuse for a human being the rest of his life is irrelevant.

  22. You need to prove what you say about George W. Seems to me your statements have been disproven for years.

  23. What?

    That GWB was in the TX ANG?

    That he was an F102 pilot?

    That we KNOW how long it takes to become an F102 pilot?

    That he (unlike other politicians) actually released his records, showing his military records (inculding WHICH days he served, much less how many)?

    Hell, he did two years active duty (for those of you who get your news solely from the DNC and MoveOn, "active duty" means "full time" — NOT "weekend warrior") at the beginning of his service (as his contract and USAF training doctrine stipulated).

    Over one year of officer training and basic flight training before he even STARTED F102 specific flight training. Then another seven months learning to fly the F102, until graduating in June 1970.

    Then he was on reserve status (and making his required duty days) through at a minimum, mid-1972. After October 1 1973, he was honorably discharged from the TXANG and was assigned to the USAFR. (This, BTW, was pretty standard fare for a pilot of an aircraft that went from "front line" to obsolescent while he was still in training, in an Air Force that was busily gearing down to a smaller, leaner, service in preparation for the post-Vietnam era.)

    Any controversy about his service obligation dates ENTIRELY to service from mid-1972 through October 1973.

    Nope, there is NO question (not even if the moonbats were 100% correct) that GWB did AT LEAST as much time, actually standing around in uniform and taking orders as did Ted Kennedy.

    Nor is there any question that the Air Force thought in 1973 and 1974 that he had complied with his duties, as they gave him an "Honorable" discharge — not "Dishonorable" nor even "General, Under Honorable Conditions". Not even a "General, Under Honorable Conditions" that was later upgraded upon request.

    GWB did more days on duty than the two year commitment required of a draftee, did so performing a duty in one of the most dangerous aircraft of the time (the F102 STATESIDE mishap rate was higher thna many aircraft's COMBAT loss rates), and did so in an aircraft that was still being regularly deployed to Vietnam (with Reserve/Guard pilots) before and during the time he was traning to fly it.

    None of which subtracts from the fact that PFC Kennedy ALSO performed honorable service in uniform.

  24. To Christopher at 1:32. I am not "deifying murderous misogynist drunkards" and I have no idea what "All butt hurt". Perhaps you could explain it to me.

    My grandmother once told me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Would you say those words to his family? And if you won't, why say anything at all?

  25. There's lots of things I'll say to someone's face that I would NEVER tell their family — dead or alive.

    And if I'll say it to your face, I see no reason to avoid saying when I'm NOT in your presence, so long as I don not put on a false face when confronted by you.

    A HUGE part of the anger is the absolute SHAMELESS corpse-whoring that has been going on in regards to Ted Kennedy. . . all becuase:

    1. His last name is "Kennedy".

    2. He is a liberal icon, and has been for decades.

    3. The President thinks he can ride this hurse (and by extension, the hurse of RFK and caisson of JFK) all the way to socialized medicine in Teddy's name.

    The entire leftist community, from individual Che-shirt wearing MoveOn Bots to the general media acts as if all his sins were washed clean by the purity of his service to the Lord His God Marx.

    Now, if Teddy's family was likely to be actively reading this board, I could see holding back during their time of mourning, out of respect.

    But I'm not going to pretend he was a laudable human being.

  26. There's a quote I saw somewhere on the Internet that has become my Usenet signature file:

    "If they get to talk about Camelot, we get to talk about The Lady in the Lake."

  27. Phil Wong and Mike Van Pelt – those were real gems! I'm looking forward to using those to piss off liberals. Matches "The Kennedy Seat" that I saw on Free Republic a couple days ago – a picture of his Oldsmobile at Chappaquiddick, with a diver behind the wheel.

    Oh, and in keeping on topic, he wouldn't get to vote here in Texas. However, I grew up in New Jersey – isn't he their Senator? Oh, no, excuse me, its Lautenberg, who's equally dead.

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