For your viewing pleasure: more “right-wing rage”.

By way of Gentle Reader sru132:

You know, according to the Leftist Conventional Wisdom, this probably counts as “astroturfing”, and should be considered prima facie evidence that I’m receiving a cheque from the Republican National Committee.

RNC must have my mailing address wrong, because so far I’ve not received one brass farthing.

Stingy buggers.


Of Advice, To A Stranger
They won't let me.

16 thoughts on “For your viewing pleasure: more “right-wing rage”.”

  1. As a Mason friend of mine once said, "If we're secretly running the whole world, where's my cash and my Holland & Holland?"

  2. Don't be dense. You running it is a sign of you being a racist.

  3. I heard this on the radio this morning driving my daughter to school. She loved it. So I'm not too worried about Dear Leader mesmerizing her if she does have to listen to him today at lunch, especially as she'd rather be doing academics.

    The other daughter doesn't like his speech delivery and has already noted his penchant for "uh" when off the teleprompter. She was not impressed.

  4. No, it's a sign of outrage against a blatant attempt at taking over his life by anyone, no matter the color.

  5. Terrific. Tim Hawkins has some real talent. My 3-year-old son has heard it twice and is running around trying to sing it.

  6. ::snicker::

    Made my DAY, LD. Thanks for the link.

    WV = neadet (threads is thinking, "We need SOMEthing".)

  7. Astroturfing is when an organization tries to create the false impression of genuine grass-roots support for something. Generally by having their employees (or those of a PR firm) pretending to be 'regular people' who coincidentally agree with whatever the organization is pushing.

    Astroturf = fake grass.

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