21 thoughts on “My last two weeks at work in one picture:”

  1. Want to trade all that heat for seven-month winters? I can ask around…

  2. Yes they Are.


    or better yes Moscow. Moscow REALLY needs some good cops. (and your allowed the use of the Moscow PD teleport machine that allows you to be anywhere on campus in 2 minutes from behind your desk downtown)

    I'll buy the first round of what ever beverage you want AND show you the good secret fishing holes.

  3. LD, the wife and I are moving to Sandpoint in March.

    No joke, it'd be a good move. We've decided its as close to perfect as we're going to be able to get in these times.

  4. Don't listen to all these people!
    We need you to stay in Texas
    Paul in Texas

  5. Hungry is… 🙂 Per Peter's post…

    Or we could trade and you could come herd cats for a while…

  6. One of the references I am most proud of and a little embarrassed of was made to a small department I was a candidate for was by the ex Assistant Chief of said dept to the current Chief, "I'd hire him but if you hire the boy(I was younger then) for God's sake don't tell him to kill anyone you don't want dead."

  7. Ooopps me thinks I may have taken the pic a little too seriously and /or may not have been in on an inside jokey thing.

  8. Let's see.

    Speaks English, but with a bit of SA accent, as modified by Texas.

    Ah, who am I kidding? I've heard you speak, and you'd fit just fine in Idaho.

    Them taters ain't too baked to understand you. Well, most of the time anyway.

  9. Wish I had a way to get me and Mrs. Firethorn to CdA. The one time I was there, I was heartily in favor of chucking my career and opening up an REI-like store on the main drag. One of the prettiest places I've ever seen in my life.

    The fact that I was having the same sort of difficulties with my employer that the fellow in the box was having with the cat didn't make me long for the magnetometers and shouted orders of the EWR screening line, either.

  10. Moscow! MoscowMoscowMoscow!


    WV: winall. Really. IT'S A SIGN!

  11. Good old Sandpoint, where the school colors are white and white!

    Seriously, the Nazis can't afford North Idaho anymore. Closest thing they have to a dictator in CdA is Duane Hagadone. (Who happens to be my boss. Not a coincidence.)

  12. Brattleboro P.D. , Brattleboro vt., and Hinsdale n.h. are both hiring not far from marko

  13. My Dad lives in CdA.

    I like the officers up there. I think that you'd fit in well.

    Just remember that if it's night time and you see a parked car with steamed up windows, you must honk your horn and wait 2 minutes before approaching. No kidding. It's the law.

  14. Holy Muscovite convention, Batman!

    Foo Bar, Josiah, do we know each other? If not, why the heck not!?

    LD: Yes. Moscow. We'd love to have you.

  15. Yup, definitely Moscow. I second Foo Bar's (my hubby) sharing of our secret fishing holes and toss in a pan of my lasagna to go with the drinks 😀

  16. Tam, that reminds me: Margrit Von Braun is a professor at the U. of Idaho. A guy I used to know went to high school with her in Huntsville, and said she could just break you up in helpless laughter by speaking German with an Alabama accent.

    Free-associating right along, I think: "Hmm, SA and Tex accent combined, huh? If we ever make a Draka movie, Lawdog could get a part."

    Sorry, LD, at least I'm not out on the streets making trouble, mmmkay?

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