8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. OK, I'm not a christian, so I need a little help here. After three days Jesus rises from his grave, and if he sees his shadow, what happens?


  2. There's a PPsH under the straw, just in case that fascist Old Man McGregor tries to oppress him.

  3. And Happy Easter to you, too!

    To paraphrase Paul, we (our faults, failures, sins) are baptized into Jesus death that we may rise in HIS Resurrection.


    Ulises from CA.

  4. I tell you, I'd rather be celebrating Oestre's day the old fashioned way. Just sayin'…

    Happy spring festival of your choice to one and all!

  5. Antibubba, he turns into a 'spring egg' as opposed to an Easter egg.

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