There ought to be a test…

By way of Gentle Reader Wolfwalker, we get this interesting little video:

Congresscritter Phil Hare of Illinois not only doesn’t care about the Constitution — which he took an oath to support and defend — but at 1:00 minute into that video, Congresscritter Hare states that he believes that the Constitution — and I quote:

“I believe that it says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”


Ah, no, you insufferable schmuck, that particular quote would be from the Declaration of Independence.

Sweet shivering Shiva — this sodding numpty can’t even get his documents straight.

Why do we keep electing oath-breakers, treachers and various other perfidious sycophants to our highest offices?

And, by the Ten Thousand Names of God, why have his constituents not dealt with this faithless scab by now?

You swore an oath, you two-bit Judas — You. Swore. An. Oath.

There’s a special hell reserved for oath-breakers. Sooner or later, you’re going to find that out — personally. I hope it’s worth it.


Happy Easter!
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16 thoughts on “There ought to be a test…”

  1. Hey, he's from Illinois–they abandoned the Constitution long ago.


  2. What an idiot! Luckily I moved out of IL in order stay employed and feed my family. Unfortunately I ended up unemployed anyways and divorced. But, hey, I don't live in Illinois!
    WV: guere- some kinda European cheese

  3. Wow. I would say that should be investigated by the ethics com. but they don't understand the gravity of what that man just said.

    I don't care about the document that puts limits on what I may and may not do.

    That should be an eye opener for everyone but it will be buried on page four of the lifestyle section.

  4. He's an Illinois democRAT. It's been thirty years since any deomcRAT has given a rat's patoot about the Constitution or anything in it.

    An oath only means something if the person taking it has at least a shred of honor. Congressweasel Hare is a man without honor.

    Gerry N.

  5. But actually upholding that document gets in the way of government doing business to us.

    No. That sentence was not a typo.

    If his opponents had enough firing synapses, they would use that clip in their ad campaigns instead of worrying about playing nice.

  6. That's it. New rule. Poli-critters must have an IQ above room temperature in order to run for office. And the same applies for voters!

  7. I'm sure his constituents cannot tell those documents apart, either. they're just interested in what .gov can do FOR them.

  8. Sigh….weep for the future, because in the short run it's gonna be ugly.
    In the long run? My jury is still out on that one, ask me again in 6-10yrs

  9. Poli-critters must have an IQ above room temperature in order to run for office.

    That may be too high a bar.

    Can we settle for poli-critters with an IQ greater than their shoe-size?

  10. 'Dog, you've got to think about the consequences of enforcing the Oath of Office. If we got rid of everyone in public office who disregarded their Oath, why, we'd have no government at all, except for Ron Paul and a couple of other…



    Hey, wait a minute…you're really onto something here! ;D

  11. Would that be the Special Hell where they send child molesters and people who talk at the movies. (And also spaceship captains who make passes at Christina Hendricks…)

  12. Yet another congress-critter who ignores the Constitution and lies and when caught in a lie, picks up his toys and goes home.

  13. This is why I keep coming back here. Reading Radley Balko's site, I get all depressed about the kind of guys who have badges. This proves there's at least one good one left. Makes me feel not quite so bad.

  14. I think we should have a written test, background check, and a drug test before allowing anyone to run for office. I also think that anyone with a law degree or polisci degree should be prohibited from running for any office. We need fewer lawyers and political scientists and more historians in congress.

  15. There's a special hell reserved for oath-breakers.

    And so, after cashing in the balance of his chips, Our Hero finds himself in the next world where he is handed a thirty foot bullwhip made of rhinoceros hide with stainless steel razors plaited into the end.

    LD: Huh. Nice place, but what's this deal with the whip?

    The Boss: Well, it's like this. We're a little short handed around here, and what with this business of oath breaking and all, well, we need someone to take up some of the slack.

    LD: Yes?

    The Boss: Start with that group of elected officials over there that willfully broke their solemn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

    LD, testing the whip with a threatening application of English: Funny, I didn't know this was Heaven.

    The Boss: It isn't.

  16. Kind of hard to keep an oath when you aren't clear on what you swore to uphold.

    Not that it excuses him; exactly the opposite. The way I was taught, before you make a promise of any sort, you better be damn clear on what exactly you're promising, and that you can keep your word.

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