Gentle Reader Alisa asks:

“Dog, why do you call the spice grinder a “weasel”? I love it, but I can’t figure out the connection. Thanks.”

That is a direct result of my slight-off-of-centre sense of humour.

In the cartoon series “Futurama”, there was a minor character named Elzar — a four-armed chef from Neptune who was followed about by several “spice weasels“.

When Elzar wished to spice up a dish, he would grab one of these weasels, hold it over the dish and squeeze, causing the “spice weasel” to sneeze a cloud of spice onto the meal.

I found this to be intensely funny, and when I discovered the McCormick-Schilling disposable grinders, well, the connection was obvious; in my home the grinders have been “spice weasels” ever since.

Hope that helps,


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10 thoughts on “Bam!”

  1. I've discovered that some of the spice weasels unscrew, allowing one more use with another spice. I like to grind anise or fennel into spaghetti sauce rather than leaving it whole–a used spice weasel bottle is perfect.

  2. Damn kids these days not only fail to learn anything in school, but even fail to learn the essentials when watching TV.

  3. LawDog:

    You have now officially moved into the pantheon of "The Greats."

    Spice weasel, that gets you ten points.

    "The Peshawar Lancers"? That gets you, what, twenty or thirty points, right there, all on its lonesome.

    The swashbuckler post? Call it fifteen, maybe twenty points.

    Spice weasel, S.M. Stirling and swashbuckling as three posts in a row? Priceless!

  4. Fabulous! Thank you.

    Now, of course, I need to go find "Futurama". 🙂

    As for the alleged skew in your sense of humour – well, sir, to a woman whose father taught her to read from his collection of early Poul Anderson, Gordon Dickson and Heinlein, it seems perfectly reasonable. Other's mileage may vary, of course.

  5. Daran – Kids these days, eh? I'll have you know I'm a '58 model. Not my fault we have no TV reception out where we live, either. 🙂

    I'm serious – We're in a valley so no local reception, half a mile from the nearest neighbor so no cable, and surrounded by woods so satellite can't get line-of-sight. The good news is that we don't have to fight our son about TV time.

  6. Subsequently, because of your first post referring to spice weasels, the disposable grinders in the Tweaker household have also shared the name. I've even got The Wifey using the name!


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