7 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. Thanks to ALL who have served, especially those who "came back on their shields"

    Ulises from CA

  2. DH & I took the 3 Monkeys to see the Traveling Wall in DFW today. They're little, but they are beginning to understand. It's been a while since I saw the Traveling Wall, and longer still since I saw the Wall in DC. It has lost none of its power to move me.

    May God bless LCpl John D Killen III, MSgt Timothy R Bodden, and Cpl Peter E Millar, all United States Marines.


  3. Thanks for remembering.

    When I was active duty Army none of this meant much, even after seeing combat. It would make me uncomfortable when people would thank me for my service.

    Ever since getting out it means everything. Now I am the guy thanking the kids in uniform.

    My fellow police officers ask me quite often what combat is like and make comments like they are not sure they could handle it.

    I personaly believe that being a cop is more difficult. You see when you are "in combat" you are always looking for the badguy, and gunshots don't even make you flinch you are Condition Orange-Black 24 hours a day.. and get used to it.

    As a cop it is WAY more scary… because on one call or traffic stop you have to be "Officer Friendly", and then in an instant someone may try to kill you.

    No one ever called me a "baby killer" but I have only seen Cops spit on for wearing a uniform.

  4. Some of your people are over here, sleeping in Europe. Some of us remember that, and I am told the cemeteries in France, Britain, Germany, Italy and so on are very well looked after.

    My Father remembers watching American boys die. He was a gunner on a Lancaster bomber, returning west from a trip over Germany.

    Some ten miles north, a US formation of Flying Fortresses flew east, into Germany.

    In the two minutes Dad had them in sight, he saw five go down or explode in the air.

    Now he saw a lot of nasty things happen to Royal Air Force planes and personnel, and had to cope with angry Germans a number of times himself, but Dad still remembers those American lads.

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