The Longest Day

On this day in 1944, 175 000 American, Australian, British, Canadian, Norwegian, Polish and Free French troopies entered the term “D-Day” into the English language, as well as “Omaha Beach”, “Utah Beach”, “Sword Beach”, “Juno Beach”, “Gold Beach”, and “Pointe du Hoc”.

Thank you, gentlemen.


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7 thoughts on “The Longest Day”

  1. You have to stop putting patriotic songs on your blog, my iTunes bill is running up.

  2. Every year, June 6 rolls around and I tend to remember what my Grandpa told me… he went in on Omaha Beach and it was a really really bad feeling. It was a surprise to me that a heavy metal group would do a song remembering Normandy… seemed kinda strange to hear metal with scenes from Band of Brothers. I had to look up the lyrics to understand what they were saying. But it gave me a somewhat different view of the metal crowd too.

  3. Ive visited there, the Pointe du Hoc is a terrifing place, that any Germans were left is hard to fathom, it is a mass of craters and broken concrete. The whole area is like a living museum. The whole area was flattened by the liberation, rebuilt by the "yanks" and there is still a love for the liberators, despite the cost (the stupid english, including, to his lasting shame, my father went on to elect a socialist government after fighting the socialists for 6 years) that is real and a huge credit to all involved on the side of good. Today it seems that that no matter the evil it is wrong to spill one drop of blood to fight for freedom, it is a crock of shit.

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