Last few days the blog kept only partially opening. Being hip-deep in problems at work (‘n rising fast!) I really didn’t have the time available to sit down and suss things out.

This morning I find that the opening process is stuck at The Truth Laid Bear widget.

Quick Google search seems to show that The Truth Laid Bear has done gone Paws Up. We have removed the TTLB HTML, and things are back to normal.


Requiscat in Pacem

10 thoughts on “Huh”

  1. Good to know.

    BTW, pray for my soul. I'm going dove hunting on Texas public land opening weekend. I tried to convince him to postpone for a couple of weeks. But, his wife is out of town that wekend.

  2. That's been slowing things down for a while; thanks for killing it.

  3. No need to open the page if you are not writing……….come on. You're killing us here

  4. Thank you!!

    Hmm… Has our LawDog decided to become an ArchVillain? The word verification for me this morning is "puzzler". Kind of like the Riddler except he carries a jigsaw instead of a question-mark-shaped staff, I guess.

  5. I noticed that your blog was regularly getting hung up on TTLB. Then I noticed mine doing the same thing. Now I know why.

    Bye-bye, TTLB!

    Thanks for the Head's Up.


  6. Glad you got it fixed Dawg, it's been hanging up on TTLB for a couple months now.


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