Requiscat in Pacem

June of 1944, the British 1st Special Service Brigade storms Sword Beach in Normandy.

As they fight ashore, in their midst a man wearing the Cameron kilt his father wore in World War 1 calmly marches back and forth along the sand playing the bagpipes.

Armed with nothing more than a
skean dubh in his stocking, William “Piper Bill” Millin not only survived the landing, but piped his laddies inland and survived the war without injury.

I don’t think I can add anything to that.

Rest in Peace, Mad Piper Millin.


Shut your piehole and dance, monkey!

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  1. Just a note, if there were to be pictures with the blog entry, they aren't appearing. Great post though, thanks for keeping these men and their accomplishments alive in our memory.

  2. We're going to a church potluck this evening. I can't play the pipes, but I can wear the kilt.
    R.I.P. Bill!

  3. S├Čth is fois air 'anam, and may St. Michael and the angels pipe you to Paradise.

  4. Rumor has it that the memorial statue will be two humongous brass spheres, referencing how much this man clanked when he walked.

  5. Seems the rains last night didn't wash out all the pollen, 'cause my eyes are leaking.

    We are losing the last of these great men – none of whom thought they were doing anything special.

    stay safe.

  6. Thank God that there were men like that, back then, and thank God we still are graced with warriors his equal today in our Armed Services!

    Amen, and rest in peace, Piper Millin!


  7. I am sad to learn of the death of such a man, but what I fear indeed is the day such a man is forgotten.


  8. What saddens me more than the fact that men like this are passing away is that younger folk like me have to read about them on blogs like this to discover they ever lived.

    I should have been learning about people like this and their stories in grade school, rather than when I'm 27.

  9. Mr Dawg, could you update your link to TOTWTYTR, please? He has moved and although it is possible to get there form here, it is slightly convoluted. Thank you.
    I enjoy your blog a bunch and have stolen, er, I mean, retold with attribution, some of your funnier stories for a friend who needed a laugh. If you have more, she tells me she wants to hear 'em.
    WV trons -The things that make the lights go on.

  10. The best part of the Wikipedia entry:

    "Millin states that he talked to German gunners who claimed they didn't shoot him because they thought he was crazy."

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