Today’s guilty pleasure:

Dog Soldiers.

A low-budget, but thoroughly enjoyable and surprisingly well-made, movie about a section of British soldiers hunted by werewolves in the Scottish highlands.

There is blood, gun-fire and assorted violence aplenty, but also some sneaky little puns and some pop references — Sergeant H.G. Wells is the NCOIC, and his corporal is named Bruce Campbell

Everyone’s favourite Roman centurion, Lucius Vorenus, is the main star, although Private Spoon takes the bikkie for Best Pwnage of A Werewolf Using Kitchen Utensils.

Quotable lines abound, and I have to say that this movie has the best last words ever uttered.

If you like B-grade horror movies — or Larry Correia’s books — rent this movie, but be warned that it does have a ‘R’ rating for gore, violence and gratuitous use of British colloquialisms and/or adult language.


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16 thoughts on “Today’s guilty pleasure:”

  1. Dog Sildiers is awesome. Calling it the best werewolf movie of the last 20 years is sort of damning with faint praise, but there you go.

    "I hope I give ya the shits, ya fuckin' wimp."

  2. Very well-made, indeed. In fact, this may be the best military movie ever…

    Dr. Who's son makes a pretty good Sergeant…

  3. No need at all to fee guilty I just pushed it to the top of my netflix list for second go-round.

  4. Are they going to take on sparkling vampires anytime soon? Because that I'd watch.

  5. Yeah, a horror movie that didn't leave me screaming "WHERE DID THEY GET ALL THESE MORONS." before just switching it off.

  6. For fans of CoD:MW2, the voice of Soap is the main character in this movie. You can even convince your girlfriends/wives/more feminine others to watch it by telling them its a stirring story of love and survival in the Highlands of Scotland featuring the guy who plays the red headed Iraq war vet doctor on Grey's Anatomy.

  7. One of the best movies of it's type ever made. Think I'll go watch it again. Thanks for the reminder LD.

  8. Both films are great.. but it's sort of funny, but the Scottish forests in Dog Soldiers were actually in Luxembourg, and the Oregon depicted in Ravenous(at least as good as Dog Soldiers)..

    Dog Soldiers could have used a bit bigger budget. The Werewolves looked sort of wooden. Too bad Descent wasn't Neil Marshall's first film…

    For the whole film.. I was very, very puzzled why do Oregon forests look just like the ones I know so well first-hand. Same undergrowth, very familiar trees, even the rocks looked familiar. I mean, it's a different continent, shouldn't it look alien at least a bit?

    Turns out they shot the film about ten miles from the place where I've spent all my childhood vacations.

  9. Okay, looked it up on IMDB, saw trailer, looked it up on Amazon, bought it for $7 from an 'associated vendor'.

    Note that it's also available directly from Amazon for about $5.50 …. both listed as "new". The Amazon was in 2007 or 2009 versions, not sure what the CONTENT difference might be.

    But I would rather buy from an independent vendor, given the choice. Heck, Amazon takes most of the sale price off the top, anyway.

  10. On your recommendation, found and rented it at my local Blockbuster (for free even thanks to a ooupon). Not too bad, and Marko's quote from Pvt. Spoon was one of my favorites.

  11. But I have one very important question before I watch this: DOES IT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING?! Or at the very least a hopeful one?

  12. It's excellent. I ended up buying a copy on Amazon for myself.

  13. But did it make you want to eat sausages?

    After the bit with the collie dug and the guts, was a bit of a scunner eh?

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