New Years

There I was, standing over a Trustee of Modern Recreational Pharmacology, observing the fact that he’s going into his fifth seizure in half-an-hour, when what spews forth but a mighty projectile burst of blood and stomach acid on a bee-yoo-ti-ful ballistic arch … which neatly intersects my trouser legs.

About that time, my radio crackles, “County, all units … Happy New Year.”

A long pause, and then my faithful minion clears her throat, and apropos of nothing, opines, “I’d say that it’s well-known fact that what you’re doing at the stroke of midnight portends what the next year will be like, but I don’t want to get beaten to death with a portable suction device.”

This one chose … wisely.

2010 was, while not an outstanding year, was not a bad one — all things considered.

There have been some medical issues, but those are well-in-paw. And while I don’t love my job as much as I used to, it’s still worth getting out of bed, suiting up and clocking in.

I have good friends, kith and kin are close, I have a roof over my head and food on the table; and I have the love of a beautiful woman.

Everything after that is just gravy.

Here’s looking back at 2010; and here’s looking forward to 2011: may we all remember what is important and not let what is not trouble us.

Wishing you always walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
And the love and laughter of those you hold dear.



Dear Mr Critter

14 thoughts on “New Years”

  1. Happy New Year to you!! I'm thankful for your witty insight into the world, and count myself blessed to know you.

  2. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

    May you have a year worth writing about!

    Of course, God's blessings be upon you & yours.

    Ulises from CA

  3. Remember that the projectile vomiting occurred at the End of 2010, not the Beginning of 2011 and therefore isn't a portent for the new year.

  4. Here's me hoisting a glass to your health and luck in the coming year Mr. Dog.

    Keep yourself safe and try not to get into too much trouble.


  5. Happy New Year to you n' yours, LawDog. May the days to come be full of good memories!

  6. Prosit Neu Jahr! May 2011 be pleasant, uneventful, quiet, healthy and prosperous.

  7. I must say that I'm a bit surprised that you, a well trained man of considerable experience, would make such as rookie mistake as standing in the splatter zone of a patient just itching to puke.

    Which only means that it will be my turn all too soon.

    Happy New Year! Here's hoping that things go uphill from here.

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