Oh my ever-loving Goddess …

“Usagi” is the Japanese word for rabbit. It is also “U.S.A. GI”, which — if you are of punnish bent — can be a nice co-incidence.

If you want to see bunny commandos doing Bad Things to extremist fundamentalist camels, there is a video you must see.

Be advised, there is violence. Graphic, blood-spattering violence. A lot of it. There is also more than a bit of foul language — and that includes the title of the video.

Clicky here. Remember that I warned you about the graphic violence and the graphic language.

Oh, and watch it in High Definition.

The twitching bunny tail on the sniper caused me to about lose it. I am a sick, sick person.

Watch. Enjoy.


Note to self from Phlegmmy

49 thoughts on “Oh my ever-loving Goddess …”

  1. Why do I imagine that we've just seen the inspiration for a shooting event at the next Blogorado?


    WV: delegged – as enemies ought to be!

  2. Am I the only one who noticed what looks like an AK mag on the one bunny's AR?

  3. @Jack – That is actually a heavily modified AK. Take a look at the receiver and compare it to the AKs the camels are carrying.

    My wife is right, I am a total gun geek.

  4. @Tim, Pocky's rifle has a forward assist and a top-mounted charging handle. I think it's an M16/AR15 variant firing 7.62×39 ammo.

  5. Oh waily waily waily I'd have loved to have seen that video but it's blocked on youtube in my country(sweden) by the copyright holders, I suspect it's USA-only. :/

  6. Yep, funny as hell… 🙂 And that twitching doesn't help accuracy 🙂

  7. Packy's rifle is a Knight’s Armament corp SR-47 in case you all where wondering. It's chambered for 7.62×39 and takes AK-47 mags so in theory he would be able to resupply from enemy ammo if he wanted. Pretty cool for a cartoon!

  8. Very entertaining!

    Two oddities stood out: First, the camel carrying a kukri doesn't mesh with cultural reality. Second, why are the USA-GIs saved by a Hind helicopter?

  9. This was AWESOME! I now know what I'm going to be looking for this weekend at an anime convention.

  10. The Blu-ray/DVD is for sale. If you enjoyed it (and I did) you should think about tossing them th $20 or so on Amazon so they continue the series.

  11. I noticed something that I am hoping someone can explain.

    Why are they wearing hearing protection on the side of their heads, while their ears are on the top?

    — SID

  12. Yea, an SR-47… but what about the silenced M14 on a Sage(as near as I can tell) stock? These boys did their research! As far as the rifles floating on the warbunny's chest… the animators probably worked from photos of real GIs, and probably didn't understand our sling systems…
    Really impressive!

  13. To those outside the US that cannot view this: Google for Cat Shit One Torrent

    (assuming you have a Bittorrent client)

  14. KBCrag,

    I have to agree about the kukri, however the bunnies are not U.S. soldiers but mercs. It much more likely for a private army to have obtained a Hind (this has in fact been the case in the historical past)than an Apache.

  15. I love the video but come on LD,

    "graphic violence"???

    That ain't graphic. Now the Nick Berg beheading video was graphic.

  16. Thanks for that one! I watched it yesterday, and I'm telling all the other geeks I hang out with about it.

    That was some of the most entertaining animation I've seen, and the animation itself was purely some of the best there is.


  17. The animation quality was amazing. Incredible detail throughout. The wipers and the axles on the trucks were impressive. Thanks for the link The family has enjoyed it more than once already.

  18. Second, why are the USA-GIs saved by a Hind helicopter?

    How old is Skippy, and what did he do before hooking up with MHI?

  19. I also noted with amusement that the Camels have holes in the backs of their shirts to accomodate their humps!

  20. Hey, who says MHI doesn't let ol' Skippy freelance a little on the side? LOL

  21. Did Pocky have a stand-off device on the muzzle of his side arm?

    If so…wow, very cool.

    If not…Ignore me, nothing to read here…

    And something about pear shaped commandos with big feet makes me think of the sort of folks that make me chuckle at fun shows.


  22. Old NFO –

    How do you know the the twitching doesn't help. Maybe the twitch is counter beat to the heart and makes for a steadier aim?


  23. In the gun geek department, anyone else notice the hammer shroud on Packy's 1911 as he threaded on the suppressor? Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Interesting detail though.

  24. As awesome as that was, I'm not paying twenty bucks for a single episode of something that is also playing for free online. Sorry. Also, there is something about the concept of charging into battle with full body armor but no pants that I find oddly awesome.

  25. STI actually makes that pistol.
    Love that whole thing and the detail is amazing. Kinda like Soldier of Fortune Inc. meets the furries. Always thought CJ was a hobbit anyway.

  26. Saw the video. For me this is a very painful day.
    It is my sad duty to announce that Bugs Bunny is no longer the most awesome animated rabbit in the world… (Even if he did do a good job of sorting out that little Martian so-and-so).

  27. I tried to view the video, and it comes up with a message saying that the video is "private," so I guess we cant' see it anymore.

  28. Does in fact appear that they pulled the full length one. Guess they decided to go commercial all the way.

  29. So that brings us back to what LMB said … find a torrent (glad I DL'd a copy for myself using the Easy Youtube Video Downloader.

  30. Nope, megavideo link is dead now too…. I'm pissed, i got here too late..

    Heh, Captcha word: ingester

  31. While $20 is a bit steep fro a 20 Minute Animated movie, the extras are well worth the price. This is really awesome stuff. The Hind Mi-24) for the pickup bird makes mucho sense as it is well armed, well armored and can carry 8 armed troops as well.

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