15 thoughts on “Mr President …”

  1. Alledgedly.

    ….. and they deep sixed the body immediately?

    The C-O-N……spiracy! begins.

  2. Sadly, or rather, Happily in this case, that particular vessel was rendered unsuitable for use in that manor when a member of Seal Team VI put a rather large hole in it. Well done indeed!

  3. Well done boys. One in the chest, one in the head. (I have a problem with our POTUS getting to drink from that cup however, it should be passed around Seal Team 6 and then burnt)

  4. However long it took, it happened on Barry's watch. He deserves to drink from the cup and even partake in the Happy Dance (in private, of course).

    Have we left Afghanistan yet?


  5. Part of me knows that is true, but my distrust of the motives of this POTUS does not make me have to like it.

  6. There's a new drink on the bar scene called the "bin Laden"….2 shots and a splash of water

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