Happy Father’s Day!

The following audio-book is extremely Not Safe For Work. Or to be played anywhere near children.

However, I do believe that most fathers can understand, if not sympathize, with Samuel L. Jackson’s rendition of this particular book.

But you really should be careful where you play this video.

Trust me.

Happy Father’s Day!


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13 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. If you only knew how close to reality this is on a daily basis…The wife and I about killed ourselves laughing.


  2. My son always finds those same excuses to try not to sleep..I say those words in my head a lot..

    Thanks for posting this~Made me laugh

  3. Instant flashback to Silver's toddlerhood!

    Especially the crying part. Sleep deprivation=easy tears.

  4. Too true. Thankfully my three year old has finally learned to fall asleep on her own. It took a long time to get to that point. And praise the Lord, the new baby is pretty easy along those lines.

  5. bought this for my niece and two other friends who will be having their first child in the near future.

  6. Civilization?

    When we're at war, we're dealing with barbarians. Barbarians do not understand the language of civilization.

    The only way to communicate with the Barbarian is to use the language he understands. That language is generally violence.

    Maybe we should adopt the haka, and, for the first time since Viet Nam, show that we really mean it and will back it up.

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