LawDog Paw of Approval

As long-time Gentle Readers will remember, occasionally I review a piece of kit that is really, really handy — or just plain neat — and I award it (tongue firmly in cheek) the LawDog Paw of Approval.

Gentle Reader Koutetsu Kaigun has been kind enough to fash
ion several official Paw of Approval stamps for use on future reviews.

The only problem being I’m not sure which of the seven should be used. So, I shall post all seven designs and you, Gentle Readers, get to vote in the comments for the one y’all think best embodies the spirit of the Paw of Approval.

I’m thinking most votes in the next five days, ending noon-ish my time on Sunday.


I admit it ...

110 thoughts on “LawDog Paw of Approval”

  1. Another one for bottom left, though I also like the simplicity and cleanness of the topleft one.

  2. Top left – big paw print, jumps off the screen.
    Bottom left – LOVE the badge!

  3. One more vote for the top left. It's a nice clean design and round, which is what seals are supposed to be. 2nd choice is the bottom left. The belted one is cool, but the red belt screams squire to me which doesn't seem quite right for this.

    wv: nonation. I really ought to be able to think up a cute definition for that.

  4. Bottom left. There is no doubt in my mind that it is both the most dog and law like.

  5. For shame, there is isn't one on a sheriff's star–just seems that would have worked well for you.

    My vote goes for any of the ones on the left side–though my personal favorite is the middle one.

  6. BL, the shield.
    What would be cool is the logo in an old-west-marshal badge outline.

  7. Top left. Approval is a complex process. Signifying approval is a simple one, and needs only a simple sign.

  8. Top left (simplicity) or
    Bottom left (simplicity, with a bit of LEO flair)

    I think a Texas Ranger Badge shape with the paw in the middle, and "Law Dog" on top and "Paw of approval" on the bottom.

  9. While I like the clan-badge style, I think the lines of the bottom-left LEO shield are much more appropriate for a LawDawg!

  10. The paw encircled by the belt. Definitely the right choice. It's slightly plastic paddy, but that would be on anyone other than Mr Dog himself.

  11. My two favs are the round one on the top left and the shield on the bottom left. I'm thinking the shield might be my winner…

  12. Plain round, or the shield. Main reason is those are the two that are easiest to read. The fancy script on the other does a number on my eyes.

  13. Another vote for bottom left.

    You could franchise this. Restaurants, gun makers, self-defense experts, any number of folk would pay big bucks to be able to put the "Lawdog Paw of Approval" on their products.

    WV: pessom – an upset possom

  14. The one on the bottom which reminds me of a police badge.

    Ulises from CA

    It needs two six shooters at the bottom to embellish it!

  15. Left column, second from bottom.
    Clear paw, badge shape, and the scrolls and script are a nice nod to your classical literary influences.

    Now, whichever emblem is adopted, I think it would be nice to have the seal somewhere on the sidebar as a link to either the articles granting the paw of approval or links to the approved items themselves.

    I I would love to find the Lawdog seal on the label next time I go shopping for a holster or knife or such.


  16. Top left or bottom left.

    The only thing I have trouble with are the pads–together, a panicky (but rosy-cheeked) face jumps out at me.


  17. As a proud Scot, I am pleased to see the "Paw of Approval" encircled by a belt, or garter, in one design. Since such a belt encircles each Clan symbol for Highland clans, it appeals to my Scottishness. Therefore that is the design for which I cast my vote.

    Hoot, mon!

  18. FWIW: I prefer the belted one over any of the others, 'cept that the wording is a skosh off center.

    Runner-up to the bottom left shield design, though I REALLY like the suggestion upthread of a Sheriff's (or Marshal's) Star style design.

  19. Boy, I didn't see anyone mention this and I hope I'm not the Party Pooper…. but I vote for none of them because none of them are a Dog print, they're all kitty prints and a LawDawg ought to have a paw print representative of the breed, dontcha think? I vote for a redesign and a revote. IMHO


  20. Sorry Tim but I have to disagree with you…
    Middle toes are even.
    Heel pad has one lobe leading two trailing.
    A cat would have one middle toe ahead of the other(inner), two lobes on the front of the heel pad and three on the rear of the heel pad.

    Depending on the surface you may not get claw marks from a dog.

    It is a fairly stylized track though. Perhaps the fuzzy companions of Herself could be bribed into giving a print for the paw's cause…


  21. Top left.

    As to me it looks like you could actualy put it on a rubber stamp, slam it down on things; while, saying this has the LawDogs Paw of approval.


  22. I'm going to say it's between LDpoa-seal.gif (top left) or LDpoa-shield.gif (bottom left). Those are clear, simple to read, and clean designs. After some thought, I like the shield design best – that's my vote.

  23. None of the above. The Lawdog Seal of Approval should be a Leopard Seal:

    It should be depicted chomping hard on the posterior of your favorite local miscreant (ask Ambulance Driver if you can borrow Sumdood, if you wish), who is screaming and flailing in a vain attempt to escape.

    Now that's a Lawdog Seal of Approval!


  24. The garter, IMHO. The lower left is the next most appealing, for me, but I am primed to find them all fetching.

  25. Bottom left or top right.

    The the paw print on the white background on the others look too much like the mask from a horror movie franchise ( Scream?).

    Heh, the verification word is anish.
    An anarchist Amish maybe?

  26. Top Left. Clean, straight to the point, the font is easy to read, and it says "PAW of Approval".

  27. Ah, what fun! I write this before reading any of the comments by others. I cast my vote for what I'd call number three – – The circular shape surounded by an hielan' style weapons belt.

  28. +1 for the top left due to its clarity and ease of reading. That being said, the belted one is pretty cool looking.

  29. Bottom left.

    As an aside, WV was "intersm". I'm thinking colloquial undertaker terminology. 😉

  30. Hmmmm….tough choice, but I would go for top left. Simple and efficient and very official-looking!

  31. bottom left (its the most sheriffy imo)

    although after reading through the comments I realize the thing nagging at me is there are no visible traditional dogpaw style nail marks

  32. I like the top one. Round, simple, straightforward. Simplicity of design, clarity of message.

    I would have voted for the lower-left "shield shaped" design, but as the Mexican Outlaw so pungently opined in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" about "Badges" …
    … well, you know.

    PS: Welcome Back, Dawg! We've missed you.

  33. No contest. Bottom left. The old English script looks like "Ham Dog." Which, tasty as that might be, does not reflect in any way the gravity of the Paw of Approval.

  34. The Honorable Clan of the Law Dog should have a badge. I vote for the badge design.

  35. My first choice bottom left,
    second choice top left.

    Thanks for your efforts, but how about more tales from your misspent youth?

    Randy in Arizona

  36. I'm asking this in OCT11:
    Which one won?

    My vote would be top left, because it's simple,
    2nd bottom left, because it's almost as simple but looks officer-y.

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