Let there be light!

Lady Tam has discovered the Streamlight Microstream, one of which has been living in my left front pocket for ages.

It is, indeed, a handy little light — even more-so if you stoke it with a lithium AAA dry-cell, rather than the standard alkaline version — but the pocket-clip might leave a little to be desired.

I say this, because I was recently in the north of the Texas Panhandle as part of a convoy To Somewhere Interesting. We had stopped at a convenience store to do the needful, and were loading up for the final push when MattG and Tam pulled across the fuel pad, pointing and making yelling faces.

Turns out that a mischievous gust of Panhandle breeze had plucked my Microstream out of my pocket and was rolling it across the parking lot.

This is actually the second of these little jewels I have carried, because the first disappeared out of my pocket … somewhere … probably under similar circumstances.

Since you can find them for between $13 to $19 dollars on-line, and I had gotten at least that much use out of it fairly quickly, I wasn’t as torn up about the loss as I would have been if one of my Surefires had done the same.

And I really don’t know how Streamlight could make the pocket-clip any better, come-to-think.

Anyhoo, good lights, but watch them if you clip them to a pocket, like I do.


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5 thoughts on “Let there be light!”

  1. Dawg, try a 4Sevens Quark Preon. It's a pen light on steroids. You can get it with both the 1xaaa and 2xaaa body tubes. Super light with a strong clip!

  2. Hmm. The blurb at the link you posted claims that it has an "Unbreakable pocket clip" as well as a "High Strength "Break Away" safety lanyard".

    Perhaps they got the adjectives mixed up?

  3. LOL< I remember that 'situation'… And they ARE good little lights for the price!

  4. Got one for Christmas and haven't been without it since. Been using it for every little thing too. Because I'm too…let's call it frugal to just dump the factory alkaline before I've killed it. I've got the replacement lithiums in the drawer for when I wear this one out.

  5. Uhh, it's called a lanyard, dude. There's a reason they teach you to put your pocket knife on one in Boy Sprouts. I've been carrying a Streamlight Key Mate with a Victorinox Classic and a flash drive attached to the lanyard in my right front pocket for years. According to Streamlight's website, the Micro comes with a lanyard too. Simply thread the far end of the lanyard through your belt loop, then thread the flashlight through the lanyard itself and Voila! No more lost flashlights.

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