Victor Borge had a classic skit in which he added punctuation marks to conversational speech:

For some time now, whenever I speak of a well-known maker of tactical gear, I have been adding a verbal exclamation mark to the name. A habit which has, no doubt, confused a great many people.

I have just now figured out that Mr. Borge is responsible for it.


Sorry, Blackhawk. Or, rather, Blackhawk-ffsstt-pck.


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6 thoughts on “OOHHH!”

  1. I've always loved that skit, but hadn't looked it for many years. 😀

  2. I had the incredible good fortune to be able to see Mr. Borge perform in person at a small college in Birmingham (AL) where my grandmother taught many years back. His bit involving a soprano and a seat belt on the piano bench is still one of my favorites.

    And just to make folks more jealous…
    I also got to see Red Skelton perform live. Sadly such talented entertainers seem to have vanished from the modern stage.


  3. LOL- love it, and I would have loved to see that skit for real… And yes, subliminally, Mr. Borga has impacted all of us… 🙂

  4. Always knew you were quality people, 'Dog. I've always loved that skit.

  5. One of the funniest men of our time. Thanks for the memories dawg. Warning tho, as he gets going it's a real coffee spitter…

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