The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission has nifty little official warning signs posted, that I have been noticing for some time, but one of which kind of kicked over my giggle box.

The signs in question read:

Drinking any type of alcohol while pregnant can hurt your baby’s brain, heart, kidneys and other organs and can cause birth defects.

The safest choice is not to drink at all when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.


This particular sign is above the urinal.

In the men’s loo.

*blink, blink*

Rest assured, chappies, that if I might be pregnant, I will most certainly stop drinking. Right after I call the National Enquirer.


Wow. Just ... wow.
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14 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Hey, LawDog, 30+ years ago, the National Science Foundation was offering something in the vicinity of $15,000,000.00 to the first man to become preggers …………………….. what with inflation and the lousy economy, I figger you would be worth @ least $50,000,000.00, should you 'fall pregnant' ………………… 😉

    Semper Fi'

  2. Drinking and pregnancy–they go together like peas and carrots.

    Mike James

    WV: womin hahahaha

  3. Dog;
    They are spending YOUR tax dollars to educate you about how your behavior places your unborn child at risk. You certainly would not wish to jeopordize that $50,000,000.00 you will be worth.
    See, they are saving your from yourself.

  4. They were told to put the signs in all the bathrooms.

    So they did.

    Didn't bother to turn their brains on, just did as they were told.


  5. If you padded the famous suit, you could be a pregnant pink gorilla . . .


  6. Lawdog, Don't let the turkeys get you down, there are plenty of us LE types that pine for your prose when you are not blogging, please keep it up!!!!!Serendipity

  7. I have heard that on occasion some females will use a men's room to avoid a long line. I would guess that a good portion of these women are likely to have been drinking alcohol and are therefor the target audience of the TABC signs. Not that TABC is likely to have thought it out that much, just saying…


  8. Was that sign next to the warning sign? DON'T EAT THE BIG WHITE MINT?

  9. @ Peter
    "Pregnant Pink Gorilla"

    I am humbled by the sublime thought which went into that statement! Now I have an image which makes my eyes smart. Will this one be in a top hat as well?

    Ulises from CA

  10. I have seen that one, but not quite with that placement. I would have had to clean my shoes.

  11. Im my 67 years on this big blue Orb, I have discovered that State Commissions are not necessarily peopled with persons of even average intellect. Perhaps the Commisioners in charge of alcohol usage in Texas have spent too much time in full sun without their hats.

  12. Don't forget what Rita Rudner said regarding alcohol and pregnancy: "If it wasn't for alcohol, most women wouldn't BE that way."

    Peet from FR

  13. Ya, I've found that posted in the mens room of a few establishments and had a chuckle as well at the absurdity of it all…

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