Cue panic in 3 … 2 …

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to long-time readers, but I don’t check my e-mail as often as I probably should.

That being said, I logged in this morning to discover an e-mail from a nice lady at advising me that I had been added to the media list for the NRA Annual Meeting in April of this year.

*blink, blink*

“Oh, good,” sayeth my lady, as she looks over my shoulder, “Better make some reservations. Here’s the name of the hotel.”

This here is what us finely-trained law enforcement types call “A Clue”. I have a suspicion that Herself has been Arranging Things.

I’ve actually always wanted to go to an NRA Annual Meeting … but as Media?

Me, who frequently gets Interview confused with Interrogation?

And I’m pretty sure there are going to be a lot of people Breathing My Air there.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be out back, hyperventilating.


Now, that's a fairy tale!

23 thoughts on “Cue panic in 3 … 2 …”

  1. Have a grand time.

    If it's any consolation, the media room in Pittsburgh was usually not crowded and offered a nice selection of refreshments. I (INTJ that I am) took advantage of that repeatedly.

  2. It's a good opportunity to see things and update as often as you care to. You also meet some great people!

    Hope to see you all there!

  3. Sounds as if Herself saw the loot, er excuse me, media samples that JayG brought back and wanted a bit of the action. 😉 That or the Gods of the Shooting Ranges finally smiled upon you. Have fun!


  4. Breathe deep and slowly.
    (into a paper bag, as necessary)
    I'm sure you know the drill

  5. Come on up to STL. It will be fun here… the city loves the money the convention brings, but the city government HATES that it's a bunch of gun clinging folks doing it. If nothing else, you should enjoy the news reports showing how uncomfortable the mayor is when it's a convention full of well behaved people enjoying their rights.

  6. Heh, conspiracies abound.

    I'm still trying to decide whether to go. It's only on the other side of the state. But then, I'd have to use I-70.


  7. Mixing up interviewing and interrogating could be fun and informative. All those factory reps are use to dealing with regular media type questions about when this or that will be offered. Imagine the straight answers you'll be able to get sitting 'em under a bare bulb and slapping that yellow legal pad down on the table.


    Pain compliance techniques might get you more swag too.


  8. Look on the plus side: thanks to LEOSA, if you accidentally cross the river you can be legally armed.

  9. I'm looking forward to your unique perspective. And since you've got to travel through my neck of the woods to get there and back again…

  10. I'm looking forward to it as well. I always love a no-punches pulled take on things. 🙂

  11. Since I've shot my winter budget at Kevins blogshoot, and I'll p*ss off the Boss going to GBR VII, and as a great fan of yours, I Am bummed.
    Hope y'all have a nice time.[envy].

  12. Well damn. Now I really wish I was going.

    Think you'll make the Houston shindig in 2013? (Assuming we still have a nation in 2013?)

  13. Kevin:

    optimistic much?

    Hmmm, think I've got a coin around here. Ok, it's not a double-headed one… (flip)… clink, skitter… nope. (flip)…clink, clatter…nope. (flip)… (swat!) clank!clink!skitter,skitter…dink,dink,click… nope…sigh…

  14. The time to hyperventilate is when the email lists you as a speaker instead of media…

  15. LawDog, I'm hoping to make your acquaintance in St. Louis.

    Damn glad to hear you're going to make it!

  16. George W. Cummings once said:
    When you have a gift…use it
    When you have a chance…take it
    When you need to risk…risk it.
    You have many who have your back…we won't let you fall…so go and knock it out of the ball park!

    Le Conteur

  17. I can not wait to read about your time there. I actually like reading anything you write, so…

  18. I have a suspicion that Herself has been Arranging Things

    Someday in the future, you'll make a helluva good detective.

  19. Wonderful!!!!

    Next time we all get together the steaks are on me.

  20. If you need a place to stay let me know. My two brothers still live in St. Louis. And I can almost guarantee you a couch in the basement of my younger brothers house. It's about 4 miles from Lambert airfield right across from the University Of Missouri – St. Louis. 4 minutes from 2 highways and the Light Rail station.

  21. Now I wish I had the resources to go! Have fun, meet people, & tell us all about it.

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