17 thoughts on “Now, that’s a fairy tale!”

  1. Verily his expostulations wereth an utter delight.

    Now, I can understand all of that, and my english vocabulary is on the large side*, to tell a story that way would take some practice, as they are not words I find myself using often.

    *unsure with any exactitude of a solid number, but certainly in excess of 30,000 words.

  2. Any Aggie will understand…


    Well done indeed.

    Thanks, Lawdog.


  3. What? Any words biggern trailer truck I don't git.
    Must be my califormeca skoolin.

  4. Ah, that was full of win.

    Or, if you prefer, that was an utter delight to my senses, rendering me into helpless fits of laughter and the immediate impulse to share with various and sundry friends and acquaintances.


  5. That was funnier than a gangbanger shooting himself in the groin with a stolen firearm.

    Also, it's good to have you back, Lawdog.

    word verification: "bekshlet"
    "The critter's eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he realized that he'd just put a bullet squarely through his bekshlet."

  6. Is there anywhere I may obtain a transcription of such an amusing and fantastic rendering of yon tale of swine? I would love to have it in writing!

  7. You see. Right here we have a perfect example of 21st century English by commentators who use over use and incorrectly use the word "awesome".

    The Grand Canyon is awesome. A tsunami is awesome. The Horsehead Nebula is awesome. Your friends new jeans are NOT awesome. A birthday present is NOT awesome. In short, nothing petty is awesome.

  8. bob, please. We speak a living language, not a dead one. Colloquial terms exist as a language morphs and grows. Terms such as "you see" are a perfect example. Let's try not to be too picky about word selection in a short blog comment or we shall devolve into a punctuation and grammar police discussion. The beam in the eye, so to speak.

  9. One of the biggest belly laughs I have had in a long time. Thanks Dawg!

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