In comments, Gentle Reader Jack Zedee states:


just confirmed via ICANN renewal and notification address for smoke and thunder was

1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Suite 1014
Washington, DC 20036

admin named just as admin”

Okay … can someone translate that for me?

I understand that the address comes back to the HQ for the Violence Policy Centre, but is this a separate verification from the redirect found by others yesterday, or is it related?

Is this new evidence independently verifiable?

In other words — and do forgive me the pun, but I simply cannot resist — is this the smoking gun, or is it more circumstantial evidence?



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  1. This is unconfirmed. I had someone, completely unknown to me and again unverified drop the same comment on my blog.

    I don't know how they would have obtained said information give the Smoke and Thunder domain name was registered privately. IE the contact info is a proxy.

    I would say this individual is tied to the original troll.

  2. I just did a whois of the domain name (which I will not mention), and all the contact addresses point to "" with an address in Queensland AU, but that domain's IP address resolves to Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, the blog's domain seems to be hosted on ARVIXE, which appears to be a fairly small hosting company in Santa Rosa, CA (though the server IP resolves to Dallas), and currently displays a typical "under construction" page. The domain's registrar seems to be located in Beaverton, OR.

    For what it's worth.

  3. An exorcism and or a "burying of an annoying SOB" might help.

    Le Conteur

  4. Red 5: I live in OKC…what IP did you find that traced here?

    As far as I can tell their site is hosted in Santa Clara, at "Arvixe"

    50.0% Answered from ( 14400 IN A

    50.0% Answered from ( 14400 IN A

    The IP addresses can then be traced through a quick ARIN search:

    that link shows Arvixe in CA, and is apparently a regular web hosting service. No way of telling where the registrar "lives" unless you can convince the Privacy Protect folks to give it up.

  5. Red Five, is just a service that lets you host an IP without registering personal info with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers…the people who manage how URLs resolve to IPs).

    The way most of these "Privacy" groups work, the billing and renewal info for the URL ought to go to this group who forwards it, not the actual owner.

    Makes me question the veracity of the claim your getting Lawdog. It also makes me question this site. If your a legitimate business, why hide behind a privacy screen?

    Best course of action is to ignore it and let it die of apathy

  6. taylor: "If your a legitimate business, why hide behind a privacy screen?"

    An liberty advocate would respond, "If I'm a legitimate business, why does it matter?"

    Although personally I prefer to know who I'm dealing with, so in this case I agree with your apathy suggestion.

  7. LawDog, I have worked (over the net) with Jack Zedee for several years now. He is straight and has some tools to get into sources that are very good.


  8. Someone calling themselves John T also tried posting that address in the comments at:

    He declined to post proof of this, so his comment was deleted.

    It is looking like the site owner may have intentionally redirected his own site to VPC just to troll folks ( including myself ) after he got slapped by gun bloggers for being a 'tard.

    I think your original plan to just ignore him may have been the best one.

  9. This is relatively simple. Even the, how shall we say, overconfident gunnies with big payrolls and big egos are fairly polite even while "dissenting" with their lowly blogger brethren. The person running this site has proven themselves scum. If this person was a gunnie, and you knew him, would not every single person leave the range the moment this guy showed up? Nuff said.

    Except get rid of your captcha…

  10. I have to wonder if posting the false profiles in some way violates his hosting company's TOS.

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