Ask, and ye shall receive

A couple of days ago — well, 01 APR, truth be told — my Inbox lit up with the news that 5.11 was making a Tactical Duty Kilt.

Mindful of the date, but still hopeful, I put my name in the “Notify me when this product becomes available” slot.

None-the-less, I was not surprised to learn that 5.11 was pulling a bit of an April Fool’s joke. I chuckled, murmured something along the lines of, “Oh, well played, lads” and moved on along.

Today I learn (to my delight) that apparently the joke is on 5.11: They’ve had so many requests for the Tactical Duty Kilt, that they’re going to do a limited-run of the kilts.


Now, I don’t know if the TDK is going to sold for the $59.99 listed on the web-page, but I’m here to tell you — as someone who has purchased the odd kilt or two in the past — 5.11 could double the price and still be half of what most other comparable kilts ask on the Internet.

If you’re interested in a limited-run, Official Tactical Kilt from 5.11, you might consider popping over there and letting them know about it.


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12 thoughts on “Ask, and ye shall receive”

  1. Thanks. I went and added my name to the list. I can always use another kilt (I only have 5, but only 3 are good for daily wear)

  2. I added my name in their "Lemme Know" inbox too, after reading about them thru Kilted to Kick Cancer on FB, and passed along the link to a kilt-loving friend for her hubby to wear around the house, instead of his fancy dry-clean-only one.

  3. Listen to me people. I've seen LawDog's kilts and they are odd.

  4. saw this from another blog (elmtreeforget I think) and was asking how long the wait is. would you know?

  5. My hubby and I placed our names in the "We wants!" list and, yes, were a bit surprised to hear direct from 5.11 that – yes – they will make this for a limited run. So we went ahead and placed our order. After all, it oly took me 4 years to utterly destroy my 5.11 tacticle cagoes….

  6. A little late to the comment party, but don't you think that 2 30 rd AR magazines in the cargo pocket might…er…tilt the kilt a little?

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