Dispatch from St Louis

You know, now that I’ve been to one, I tend to have to wonder why I haven’t been to an NRA convention before.

Of course, there are more guns than I can shake a (brand-new) stick at, but the real draw to this thing is the people-watching.

Are there a bunch of Caucasian people here? Oh, hell yes. There are also a heck of a lot of people who aren’t melanin-deficient wandering around.

Men, women, children, walking around, gaping, laughing, chattering, gossiping, having a really good time.

Quote of the moment:

Phlegmmy: I just saw a t-shirt that says, “Don’t bring skittles to a gun-fight.”

Stunned silence and disbelief around the table, finally broken by AD snarking, “No matter what velocity the unicorn is pooping them at.”


And I’ve been promised hippies.

Back in a bit.


NRA Annual Meeting, here we come!

7 thoughts on “Dispatch from St Louis”

  1. Yes. Post pics of stick. Is it a shillelagh? regular walking stick? Hiking stick? What?

  2. Regarding said stick: Is it Massachusetts legal? (If forked at the top in such a way as might have attached a rubber band the answer would be no.)

    BTW: Have fun at the convention!

  3. Sorry bout the lack of hippies, this is the midwest after all. Most of our hippies were probably distracted by the Cardnials.

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