During dinner at Carmine’s in St Louis this weekend, I overheard Squeaky asking someone else at the table about “pink gorillas”.

*blink, blink*

It turns out that the lass has never read the Pink Gorilla story.  Well, we must rectify that.

The previous evening, Don admitted to me that he has never read the Ratel Saga.

Ye gods and little fishies.


Ratel 1; Ratel 2; Ratel 3; Ratel 4; Ratel 5; and Ratel 6.

Honestly. Kids these days.


All was not roses and kittens

29 thoughts on “Egad”

  1. Read 'em all, loved 'em all, the day they were published. You really need to write a book of some of these!


  2. Hearing it in person is SO MUCH BETTER.

    (Also, holy crap, the reCaptcha HATES ME.)

  3. (Also…um…I lied. If you look at the comments to the original story, you'll see that I did, in fact, read it. Like I said…hearing it in person is SO MUCH BETTER. And it's been four years. Don't hate me!)

  4. Is there a walk of shame???

    I had not read any of them…you really are a rare breed…hilarious.

    I would love to say something cleaver and witty, but I got nothing.

  5. Just re-read them all {thank you for the links! 😉 }

    (SIGH!) I'm so PROUD of my BlogFathers!! {You & Bayou Renaissance Man}

    Semper Fi'

  6. All of these are linked on my own blog, under the heading "Class V Beverage Alerts," along with other posts that have fickled my tancy. (I should be embarrassed to admit that I'm such an LD fangirl that I have a lot of your posts in that list.) It's my way of sharing the wealth…and keeping them handy for when I need a laugh.

  7. It's not kids. I definitely qualify as one of the young'uns, and I read all of those years ago. This is simply an egregious lapse on their part.

  8. Lawdoggie, we're still waiting for the tale of Brigadier-Captain Azikiwe and the floating raft (that is, the one that was floating before you sank it . . . )


  9. Lawdog, I found your blog about two weeks ago and for two days straight I read the entire blog since you started, YOUR STORIES ROCK!!!! I had to replace a keyboard due to moisture damage from spewing soda when reading about the pigmy story.

  10. If there is ever Breaking Bad the movie, you should be the script writer. Your stuff is just golden.

    Thanks for reposting the links, I had forgotten just how fantastic those stories were.

  11. It seems, mayhap, that you and your brother were as bad as Sumdude and his minions….. JohninMd(help)

  12. Dearest Sir,

    It is with high hopes and great expectations that I humbly request you to either reprint, or link to the story about the Pygmy Mongoose and the Python. As an aside, I will add my voice to the cacophony requesting that you WRITE A DANGED BOOK!!!!!!! Thank you, Kind Sir.

    Your Most Humble and Gentle Servant,


  13. Thanks, Dawg. You always bring me the best stories.

    But, yeah, I don't know if it'll be the same as sitting in a pub with a Stella leaning across the table to hear Lawdog over the crowd.

    Between you, OldNFO, and Matt (from Straight Forward in a Crooked World) all I did was listen to stories, and that was OK by me.

  14. 'Dog, they're so good they must be recycled from time to time.

    Good seein' ya in St. Louis.

    Nice stick. The new one too.

  15. Bearing in mind that the search warrant was only for the garage and apartment, and not wanting to find myself in Animal Control's Bad Graces (again)

    I have read the entire Ratel saga as well as the tale of the Pink Gorilla Suit multiple times and have laughed my brains out each time. However, I do not seem to recall the tale of Lawdog running afoul of Animal Control. Perchance we might hear that tale as well?

  16. Law Dog,
    Were you ever a member and poster in the Sociedad Largo Group? Your writing is VERY familiar!
    RIP Ben Sansing

  17. Seriously, where is that book of stories – especially the Africa stuff? One instant sale here.

  18. Shit..I love your webpage..
    I share it to everyone..
    They all love it
    The police here are now diehard fans.
    You are Evil! Evil I say!


  19. I add my voice to the cacophony..
    Find larry correi and and john ringo…
    with you too.
    yip yip!

  20. Man, that was killer archive binge, Lawdog… I'm still not caught back up to reality!

  21. You know, the Ratel series would make a truly awesome graphic novel. Look – it's already written. Now you need to find an artist and a letterer…a letterist…a person who does the words.

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