12 thoughts on “Oh, sonuva!”

  1. Mmm hmm, say on, LawDog, say on. Thank G-d for the "undo typing" function in a certain word processing program or I'd be up to computer #54 instead of #5. "Hey, where'd that paragraph go?!?" is heard all to often in the Red office. Blasted cursor jump.


  2. Look on the bright side. At least your site hasn't vanished off into the wild yonder on a whim no matter the volume of yelling directed at the server apes. *angry muttering*

  3. When that happens, if you hit Control & Z, the text usually comes back. Might have to press it a couple of times, but it should still be there.

  4. And that's one reason why I switched over to WordPress. Switched over about 2 1/2 years ago, haven't regretted it once.

  5. I was wondering about that, Stingray.
    Also, curse you blogger for denying us the rant of the dog!

  6. Been there, done that. That's when I switched to doing my actual writing of my (infrequent) posts in Word with the auto-save function turned on. The risk there is that it will auto save the instant after the accidental deletion. Probably the best solution would be auto save off and religious use of the manual intermediate save. Trouble is, that when I get on a roll I'm often too busy trying to capture the ideas before they wander off on me to think of clicking the save icon.

  7. I know you aren't one to abuse the badge and the office, but you might consider paying a visit to Caesar in order to impress him with the need to stop calling you.


  8. Allways type the long rants into a text editor(notepad,word,etc.)

    then copy


  9. Use Firefox!
    It keeps all form data filled in, even when you switch pages for unknown reasons.
    Then, all it takes is a click of the "Forward" button, and your rant reappears like magic.

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