That’s odd

For the longest time I had an e-mail contact address on the side-bar.

A Gentle Reader named Mike posted a comment asking for contact info, and I was wondering why he didn’t just use the … oh. It’s gone.

I have no idea when it left, why it left, or even if it’s called home.


The LawDog Files (at) g mail (dot) com

Take out the spaces, and replace the bracketed terms with the appropriate symbols.

(Death to spambots!)


This isn't my first rodeo

9 thoughts on “That’s odd”

  1. You have to edit your profile and select to show your email in your profile…I had to update mine that way, too.

  2. Have an email, Sir, that won't seem to go through; in any case, you can email to:info@document, if you don't mind…
    Thanks again, Lawdog

  3. Lawdog's back! Yay! Sorry – I've been a lurker here for quite a while but never got around to commenting. I had just begun to despair of new posts when lo and behold! I come back and there's five of them! You have just made this interminable Thursday much more tolerable!

  4. Can I get on the list to get taught, too? LOL
    It's part of y(our) charm, Lawdog. I wouldn't trust you as much if you were more technically evolved. 😉

  5. There seems to be a lot of spambots around and I don't know what they're really up to. They're pretty annoying.

  6. That's why, after having various parts of my blog disappear, reappear, move, slide and various unstable acts, I had enough and moved to WordPress.

    All my archives shifted easily. I did have to rebuild the blog-roll.

    Still, I now have complete control, not some Google Gnomes who decide to change Blogspot without input from us petty bloggers.

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