Consider doing me a favour?

Tamara over at View From The Porch is a good friend to myself and Phlegmmy.

She is a intelligent, sweet lady whom we are proud to call “Friend” and who is welcome in our house any time.

She’s had a bit of bad luck (though not as bad as it could have been) in that her fair-skinned, light-eyed, strawberry-blonde self has come up with what most of us red-heads are going to have to deal with sometime: she is calling it “cancer’s farm team” — a wee bout of basal cell carcinoma.

Tam refers to herself as a “Self-unemployed on-line writer”, and she doesn’t have medical insurance.

Surgery is never cheap, and surgery in the facial area will probably add a zero to the total cost.

So, if y’all would like to do me a favour, pop over to her blog and hit her tip jar. It’s on the right-hand side of the screen and can’t be missed. It doesn’t have to be much — a Starbuck’s coffee worth, or a meal — but it will go a long way to helping the Mistress of Snark, and a true treasure of the Internet.



Are you sure about that?

One thought on “Consider doing me a favour?”

  1. I will..I don't know that I can donate much though…seems, that sometimes I am living day to day.


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